Tuesday, 31 December 2019

"Cross Connection" by Preety Praveen

“To accomplish the dreams of her parents, Simar, a girl from Punjab, lands up in Tamilnadu to complete her degree in dentistry. But fate had written a different story for her. Struggling to survive in a new world, she meets the love of her life, Naveen, a boy from Kerala. Smiling in the world of their love, they weave a beautiful life around their dreams. But everything changes once Naveen leaves India, trying his luck to get a job abroad. After a year, he comes back to marry her… but… is she still there waiting for him?”
Preety Praveen, a psychologist by profession, has had a passion for writing since childhood. She has written poems and stories and even tried her hand at writing and directing a couple of theatre plays and short movies. She strongly believes that to be happy, we’ve to make our surroundings happy. And following her heart, she has always tried to be a helping hand for the needy through her social work. This is her first book and is dedicated to all who believe in the power of destiny.
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Monday, 30 December 2019

"Sard Shab Sulagte Khwaab" by Ashish Gaur

“It’s a series of 55 poems. My poems are my thoughts, my statement, my desires, my imaginations, and anecdotal from my own life learnings. My writing traces and learns from society explores deep-rooted emotional turmoil of partition and religious divide and searches humanness as an answer. I also have written about my understanding of love, desire, and dialogues with a loved one. My poems are sometimes dipped in pessimism and negativity and also in ideological thinking. They find ideological answers to the difference in opinion. I have written about the sadness of living away from home, small tower ship, style of loneliness, failures rooted in pessimism and negativity, a search of love, colours of life and pouring my anger on pages. My poems are politically sarcastic and also base themselves on the thought that there is no correct way to live and think, its each s own way to lead his process of thinking. There is nothing right or wrong, rather it’s a self-suiting process.”
“I am from Shriganganagar, Rajasthan, where I completed my schooling and thereafter did my graduation in Chennai in cardiac sciences from BITS Pilani. I am working in Mumbai since 2005. I was not an avid reader but rather a slow and compulsive one who loved buying books. This compelled a reader in me to evolve into a daily reader. I read a lot by Gulzar Saab, Piyush Mishra, Dushyant Kumar, Jaun Auliya, Shiv Batalvi, Paash, Sahir, Amrita Pritam and Emily Dickinson. Writtings of Arundhati Roy, Jhumpa and Milan Kundera have also styled my thoughts. I started writing early on vivid topics as I loved the genre. As my understanding evolved I slowly migrated towards writing dark, exploring desires and deep associations and there I started finding my own pen style. I also dwelled into writing about my understanding of society and wanted to see the wrongs in society through the historical right lenses.”
Sard Shab Sulagte Khwaab is now available on AmazonFlipkartShopclues and BlueRose.

"Mere Anubhav" by Neelam Aggarwal

Our expectations are like a snake bite; it pains us a lot if they are not fulfilled. We are not grateful for what we are blessed with but regret what we don’t have. Desires lead to attachments which make us unhappy at times. If we only had love for the almighty we would be blissful. We all love a good embroidered piece, likewise, our life should be like that.
Mere Anubhav is now available on AmazonFlipkartShopclues and BlueRose.

Sunday, 29 December 2019

“Patte Hare Hone Tak” By Chandra Bhal Sukumar

The poet has a long judicial experience to his credit as District Judge of many districts. He is an eminent hindi poet. He has been contributing poems and Ghazals for last 5 decades. He has also written more than two dozen books. In the opinion of the poet the Ghazal is nothing but a different way of writing poems.
The present collection of Ghazals has revealed the culture of our social, political and judicial system and the pain beared by emotional citizen. These Ghazals cover a wide spectrum from religious epics to social and political anomalies of day-to-day life and have also depicted the expectations of people belonging to all categories of life.
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Thursday, 26 December 2019

"Dating Jia" by Krupa Somani

dating-jia-original-imafndkykeu4frasThere is an old phrase, ‘If you want to get over a man, get under another’. Two years after breaking up with her boyfriend, Jia downloads a dating app to meet men. Somewhere deep down, she is hoping to find someone who is great in the sack and likes her just as much. After all, she is that next-door, hot, sassy girl every man wants! She sets out on her quest.
The author, Krupa Somani, is a believer in love, with quite an interesting young perspective. She takes a witty outlook in the new age world, dating experiences around for her friends to laugh and reflect. With a comic flair in her writing and detailing, she is the perfect mouthpiece of today’s young women.
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Wednesday, 25 December 2019

"It's All About Those Letters" by Soha Anwar

It’s about a journey to find an unknown address. It’s about a journey to change someone’s life. It’s about a journey to bring her back home…
Shifa, a newly employed girl in Delhi, is on the path to find a girl whom she has never met but comes to know about through letters which got delivered to the wrong address. Would she be able to bring her back to the place where she belongs? Let’s see.
The author, Soha Anwar is currently a student of class 12th, studying science with biology. She is from Bokaro, a beautiful place in Jharkhand. ‘It’s All About Those Letters’ is her first novel. She loves literature and poetry, and to be a writer was always her dream. She has received many certificates for speeches and creative writing competitions in school. Apart from writing, she is also interested in watercolour painting and reading. She is inspired by nature and loves travelling.
It’s All About Those Letters is out now on AmazonFlipkartShopclues and BlueRose.

Tuesday, 24 December 2019

"The Secret Mountain" by Shailesh Dandriyal

the-secret-mountain-original-imafn8c39gpwyvg6The Secret Mountain is a story of three middle class people trying to adjust in the modern metropolitan cities. It is a story of friendship, love, and talks about the relationships people make throughout their life. The story of three characters- Saksham, Trilok and Saumya takes us to the beauty of mountains and reveals the secrets that the mountain took within itself, making the characters feel unburdened and safe. One incident and a dark secret turns around the life of these characters. How they manage to come out of all those daily problems that every youth of this generation faces today is highlighted with just a decision that takes courage to implement. Walking through the hilly roads and looking at the silent mountains, they finally learn to live their life happily.
The author, Shailesh Dandriyal is a new entrant to the world of writers. He was born in a small village of Uttarakhand state in district Pauri Garhwal. He did his schooling from a boarding school. He did his graduation in Management and completed his MBA from Dehradun. He currently works in a corporate firm and still takes out some time to write. He also writes shayaris and has written few short stories too. His love for nature inspires him to write and also takes him back to his village from time to time.
The Secret Mountain is now available on AmazonFlipkartShopclues and BlueRose.

Monday, 23 December 2019

"My Intention Wasn't to Follow You" by Sadia Khalid

“… been hidden in the curtain that differs fantasy from reality.” Blaise Reynor who owned a perfect life, being a billionaire. But sometimes the actuality differs than what seems. Despite owning the treacherous, that was flames. It was life that turned out to be a misery. Until someone stepped into his life, dragging him out of his decease. “The world’s reality is a lot more different… it’s anything but a wonderland.” Giselle Oslen, never in her existence wondered her surrounding will be turning into Fire.
And the thing was, she owned the medium to mend it.”
Find out how their story ends with My Intention Wasn’t to Follow You, available now on AmazonFlipkartShopclues and BlueRose.

“Improving Outcomes: Enjoy Your Next Step” by Dr Manoj R Joshi

An Outcome is the end result of a particular activity. It is better to get an outcome in the proper direction. Often, improved outcome is expected after thinking and acting in a certain way. The author believes in a self-motivated way of living and learning something new every day. Hence, the book title is created. The book highlights some of the crucial aspects of life where we expect improved outcomes. Reprogramming plays a vital role in helping you improve your productivity and outcomes as well.
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Thursday, 19 December 2019

"Aaj Pehli Baar" by Nikhil John

Aaj Pehli Baar, by Nikhil John, is the mirror to life and its values. The writer has expounded most of the anticipated and unexpected events of one’s life in this book. The youthful poet Nikhil John has perfectly put the task to execution when he goes on to scale the young generation on his parameters of perception in this present period.
It is quite evident to witness the sentiments evolved. Behavioural aspects of human beings viz. pain, poignancy, solitude and familiarity are projected to the readers in a magnificent manner.
Aaj Pehli Baar is here to win the hearts of millions, and it would surely fascinate your minds too.
Born on 11th August in Patna; educator, poet and artist, Nikhil John is a veteran personality in expressing aspects through his phenomenal literary pieces. Currently edifying the students at St. Karen’s High School, Patna, he is a discoverer who believes in giving form to the projections of nature and her events.
The playwright has been a consistent writer for the Catholic issue Pavitra Hriday Ka Sandesh for more than two decades. With spectacular publications like Ankit Aabhas and Aajeevan Karawas to his name, the humorist has been honoured with the prestigious ‘Catholic Hindi Sahitya Ratna Award’ in 2010.
A superlatively photophilic character, Nikhil John brings out the mesmerizing traits of human life in his poems. The pen and paper seem blessed to be a part of such extremely productive creativity by the exploring author, and the rest is what the readers perceive!
Aaj Pehli Baar is out on AmazonFlipkartShopclues and BlueRose. Get your copy now.

Tuesday, 17 December 2019

"The Puzzles Of Life" by Nihar Ranjan Satpathy

NSThe puzzles that we face in life are many. Our mind perennially craves for answers to most of them. In this book, the author delves into the Bhagavad Gita in his quest for answers to some of the questions that continually afflict us, such as:
How does self-confidence matter?
Is being good to everybody a weakness?
Is this life and body a delusion?
Does truth always triumph?
Should we bother about our reputation?
Which one is superior—an idea or an action?
Why don’t our actions bring the desired results?
Why do people worship God?
When is the clash between good and evil going to end?
The author, Nihar Satpathy is a post-graduate in English literature. He began his career at the editorial desk of an English newspaper. Subsequently, he joined a govt. sector bank in India and served in different positions, during which period he also acquired additional qualifications in business management and banking. He writes articles and features for newspapers and journals, primarily on social and cultural issues. His first published book, a collection of short stories, appeared in his mother-tongue, Odia in the year 2005. His areas of interest also include directing short films and video documentaries, and writing film reviews.
The Puzzles of Life is out now on AmazonFlipkartShopclues and BlueRose.

Monday, 16 December 2019

"Wild Hearts" By Somte Ralte

Wild Hearts is the first collection of poetry by Somte Ralte, a young Mizo writer who resides in Aizawl, the idyllic capital of Mizoram. The vivid descriptions of sights and sounds in the collection are direct references to the untouched beauty of nature surrounding the poet. Written in a simple, conversational tone, Wild Hearts encapsulates the lives and preoccupations of youths in Northeast India. Through the persona of the speaker, the poet addresses various issues that many youths face today, be it romance, society, religion, or the self. Beneath the seemingly simplified verse forms and language construction, the poet seeks to convey the deeper message of the importance of finding oneself amidst accepted conventions and traditions in many of her poems. Apart from this stress on self assertion, the poet also hints at the necessity of maintaining good mental health in today’s world, as youths increasingly succumb to daily pressures at an alarming rate. The collection invites a fresh look at the recurring perception of poetical works of Northeast India as rooted in one’s culture and traditions by transcending borders through images and locations, which leaves the reader with an overwhelming sense of rootlessness, perhaps synonymous with the poet’s lived experiences.

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"Valmiki's Ramayana- The Saga of a Scion Born in Ayodhya" By Anusuya

Valmiki’s Ramayana is the saga of Prince Rama who was born in Ayodhya in the Kosala Province of India. It is a narrative of the forever righteous Lord Ramchandra, an incarnation of the Supreme Lord Vishnu who descended on earth to eradicate all evil. Valmiki’s Ramayana - The Saga of a Scion Born in Ayodhya is a depiction of strong family and social values: - bonding between Father and Son, Brothers and Siblings, Husband and Wife, Teacher and Pupil, King and his Subjects and the Lord and his Devotees. Each character in the epic makes immense sacrifice with utmost dedication, rising above the self. The selflessness reflected in the narrative is a lesson to be imbibed by all in a society which is infected with ‘I, Me and Mine.’ A glimpse of the rich Indian Culture and heritage is a ‘must know’ for children and young adults. The knowledge and wisdom which is conveyed by this Saga can also serve as panacea to overcome all obstacles and challenges in the hour of adversity. Hope you enjoy reading the text depicted in an interesting and engaging summary form.

Anusuya hails from the serene hill station Nainital in the state of Uttarakhand in India. She was born and brought up in a traditional family, which believes in simple living and high thinking. After completing her schooling from St. Mary’s Convent, Nainital, she pursued her Graduation and Post Graduation from Kumaon University. In the long span of her teaching career in her alma mater fondly called Ramnee, she realized that children are the most precious creation of God. They are the future architects of this world who have to make it a better place to live in. Hence she authored her debut book emphasizing on good conduct and high ethical standards to be imbibed by all.

"Zindagi ...once again" BY NAVIN PATANKAR

This novel teaches us to struggle and throws light on the art of living life. This is the story of the protagonist, Vikas, the struggle of his transition from village to city, and his love affair with a friend, Sanjana. Every rise and downfall is full of expectations. If we just stay stout with a clear conscience, it is possible to achieve everything, and then the almighty also cooperates with us.

Navin is a novel writer. He has done post-graduation in microbiology and management too. He is working as a successful teacher and an administrator at Nagpur. He has earned accolades through open debate competitions and hosting events. He has also written columns for newspapers

"Master Time Management in Sixty Minutes" By M. U. Shah

Master Time Management in Sixty Minutes is a concise well-structured guide that will enable readers to briefly understand the essence of the science of time management and assist in learning the art of its application in their personal and professional lives. Described in the book are over 1000 practical and down-to-earth timesaving tips in the form of readily actionable Dos and Don'ts. Structured in logical sequence encompassing activities from getting up in the morning to sleeping in the night, these prescriptive tips can easily be related by the readers with their lives and straightaway implemented opening up the doors of stress-free, enriching and satisfying lives. This life-enhancing book also contains a precious collection of the most powerful quotes of all time from the greatest achievers of the world and valuable timesaving practices successfully followed by them. A special chapter titled ‘The Art of People Management’ imparting priceless wisdom is also included in the book to enable readers to develop enriching interpersonal relationships. Prepared after extensive research of the available literature on the subject and over four decades of self-learning as an enlightened consumer of time, this thought-stimulating book has the potential to transform your life and take it to the next level.

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"Accept the Challenge" By Subho Biswas

This is not just an English grammar book but an experience of eleven years of teaching students
appearing for competitive exams. This book is ideally designed for SSC, BANK, CDS, NDA, NAVY,
AIRFORCE, REET, and school levels too.

Once you answer the book, one of your seats in the competitive exams is reserved.
This book will be followed by the second edition having topics like NARRATION, VOICE, PASSAGE, CLOSE TEST, REARRANGEMENT, PARA JUMBLE and English Teaching Skills for all.

The author Subho Biswas, being a budding author and lecturer of English used all his experiences to impart these lessons of English grammar, which are highly required at the competitive level. Go ahead with it for sure success.

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Thursday, 12 December 2019

"Accept the Challenge" by Subho Biswas


This is not just an English grammar book but an experience of eleven years of teaching students appearing for competitive exams. This book is ideally designed for SSC, bank, CDS, NDA, navy, airforce, REET, and school levels as well. Once you answer the book, one of your seats in the competitive exams is reserved.
This book will be followed by a second edition, which will contain topics like narration, voice, passage, close test, rearrangement, parajumble and English teaching skills for all.
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Wednesday, 11 December 2019

"Ankahee" by Jupneet Singh

brp (1)
“Ankahee” is a collection of poems on some heartfelt topics by celebrated poet Jupneet Singh. A software engineer by profession, Jupneet started sharing videos of his poetry on Facebook and YouTube, with the name ‘Poetry Unplugged’. He says that the feedback and love he received from the viewers was immensely overwhelming, and that is what inspired him to compile and publish his work.
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Tuesday, 10 December 2019

"Strength Of Suffocation" By Purna Pradhan

This book is a collection of the concentrated form of feelings of ups and downs in life. Continuous fall and rise provides the pleasure of success to practically enjoy. The book carries the message of motivation to the weaker sections in the society to proceed with greater zeal and vigour even in difficult situations by accepting the situation as a challenge with a strong belief in the saying, "Fortune Favours the Brave." The book has provided a wide variety of examples and illustrations in various articles to show that ‘suffocation from’ the shortage of a particular aspect brings ‘suffocation for’ its surplus in a much improved form. This philosophy, in fact, boosts one to live life enjoyably.

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"The Smart Supply Chain" By Surendar Shawn Paul and Wilfred D. Paul

“.... a can-do business strategy approach for all supply chain managers and business leaders”. - MJ Park, Supply Chain Team Leader, GM Korea.

 “.... a rare book on supply chain strategy and a must read for start-ups”. - YH Li, Supply Chain Manager, Shanghai GM.

“Shawn Paul represents the best of what global business can be. As someone who has a deep understanding of engineering and regulatory processes and challenges across the US, Asia and EU, he is able to identify collaborative relationships others overlook.... Shawn Paul is expanding the way business gets done and reaches out across organizational and geographic boundaries to ensure that the best solutions find their way to market and the customers who need them. A true global thinker, innovator and leader.” - Mark Roser, Innovation & NPD consultant, Founder @ Open Innovators.

“[Shawn Paul] … His attention to detail, ability in understanding execution timing, place him in a very special group of project managers. His experience in China and Korea lend credence to his ability to work at a global perspective.” - Bob Conn, Operations Manager, General Motors.

“[Shawn Paul] ... a real problem solver with a calm, distinct character that’s a rare find in the industry. Shawn has proven his capability of managing high performance teams. He is a leader and a mentor to many.” - Mike Dickey, Thyssen Krupp.

Authors biography

Shawn Paul has 30+ years of field experience in new product launches and business development through supply chain. He held Senior and Executive roles at General Motors, Parker Hannifin and Crystal Financial Group (CFG), with assignments at GM-Toyota Nummi, Shanghai GM and GM Korea. He holds a Master’s degree from Purdue in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA from Wayne state. His Doctoral work being compiled in Supply chain ecosystem development for the Automotive industry has earned him several key-note addresses at the National Supply Chain symposium, SAE World Congress, Auto Tech 2017 & 2018, Transmission Tech symposiums etc.

In this book, he shares his experience and insights from his Corporate roles, research for his doctoral thesis and his consultancy practice at CFG in Metro Detroit area in rebranding small/medium sized business through supply chain, especially in the early 2000s, a truly difficult time for business in the local market. He is currently on an expat assignment as a Senior Executive for Mahindra in India, with responsibility for projects in US, India and S.Korea.

Prof Wilfred Paul is the Professor and Head of the department of Manufacturing Engineering (Retd) at Annamalai University, India. He has a long & distinguished academic career and was the Indo-US exchange scholar at the University of Missouri, Rolla.

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Xonson Hathaway is a teenage prodigy whose life has been twisted and turned after an incident which forced him lead the five tames of different religion from all over the world and himself as a Saviour of All with the help of Azton, The son of King of Gods and Recan, the abode of Gods, from the impending invasion from the unknown which will turn earth into hell, led by the King of Devils of Earth, Markelus. Also, from the invasion on Recan coming from Stein, the abode of evils. But on doing so, Markelus and his Devils kills their love ones and plans to first turn New York City into hell with a Weapon of Mass Destruction in it and unleashing the giants that has been below New York City for a millennium waiting to conquer.

Harlongbi Rongphar, a young man of many interests, is currently in the final year of his engineering college life. His admiration for comics, movies and music have no bounds. This is how he got inspirations for writing stories. Apart from this, his hobbies include photography, Ukulele, guitar.

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Monday, 9 December 2019

"Devattva Ki Aur" By Hari Shankar Gupta

Hari Shankar was born in Varanasi in a spiritually fortunate family. He was very interested in music and spiritual programs. He got the support of the saints by the guidance of the parents and elders. He is devoted to God with full devotion and devotion. Inspired by emotion and thinking, he presented this book "Towards Divinity" and he is confident that it will prove to be very beneficial for the public mind.

A strong curiosity aroused in the writer's heart and thoughts about who he is himself and what is the purpose of his life? For this purpose, he participated in many spiritual camps in India and abroad and discussed with scholars of all religions. All religions have the same conclusion that God (Param-Atman) is one and all living beings are part of it.

Our Aryan civilization and Sanatan Dharma are the pioneers of all religions. God sends a part of his soul to life in this world with the aim that by doing a decent enjoyment of the world through yoga, the attainment of salvation means that the soul merges with the supreme soul, that is, liberation from the cycle of birth and death. Man himself is divine. There is divinity hidden in him and you have to interview yourself to uncover this divinity.

Gods have the best and highest quality of man - that is divinity… that is, superiority of virtues and goodness of nature. The universe is moving with divine energy. During the journey of Chhatjajitmad Spahije; For the management of life, the thinking of human beings and the emergence of couplets (poets) shows a direction. Adhering to this will automatically lead to divinity.

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"Write Feelings" By Suresh Pattali

News today is sensational, fast and often fake — attributes Suresh has been taught and trained to avoid. But there is a fourth attribute to news that journalists don’t wear on their sleeves. It defies all stereotypical notions associated with the profession. Emotion, it is. Newsmen are reckoned to be detached and untouched. Almost Zen-like. They are the ones who can cover a gruesome tragedy and then head straight out to have a hearty meal. On many levels, the intrepid journalist is not much different from a beat cop: Both encounter the worst of mankind. Both are exposed to the scum of the world. Both put on a brave face, admirably reticent to tragedies and comedies. But beneath the façade, there is a beating heart — one that pines for that little girl who was raped and murdered; one that sobs for that beautiful woman whose husband was murdered by her own father; and one that prays for the safety of those twelve hapless boys trapped in a flooded cave in Thailand. Write Feelings is all about this. It brings out the emotion that Suresh had bottled up during four decades of his journalistic existence. These are words that the heart refuses to say out loud but gush out in the comfort of solitude. A cathartic release.

Suresh Pattali is a veteran journalist who has worked with several Indian and international newspapers. Based in Dubai, he presently works as the Senior Editor of a UAE national daily. His career spanning 40 years has produced a few world exclusives, including the first comprehensive interview with Aung San Suu Kyi after the Myanmar leader was released from 15 years of incarceration. His exclusive reportage about the sad predicament of dozens of Indian nurses taken hostage in Iraq by militants in 2014 spurred New Delhi to launch a daring rescue mission. Suresh has been awarded twice in Dubai for best feature writing. He also has a sharp eye for visuals which has earned him several international awards in photography.

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"Forever is a very long time" by Prashant Sharma

About the Book:-
A story of people who thought they had made decisions which would last forever.

Radha, a girl stuck in a middle class household in the 90s, tries to live her dreams, and ends up giving away her most valuable possession to Hari.
Hari, a young professional, stuck in a dilemma of friendship and love, ends up giving it away to Raj.
Raj, the homeless, aimless and hopeless beggar, gets lucky and rich, but a chance interaction with a political heir changes his life forever.
Rajdhir, the father of the undeserving political heir, stuck in party politics of power and loyalty, ends up changing the political reins of the country.

Each story has a twist - and shows how circumstances make you do things you never thought you were capable of, because,forever is a very long time.

About the Author:-
Prashant Sharma - making hay while the sun shines. Prashant currently lives in Dubai with his wife and son. He is an MBA graduate from IIM Lucknow (2009) and works in a multinational bank.

He is a national bestselling author, having sold more than 30,000 copies of his books.

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The author of this book has written a number of novels and stories. He started writing books since his college life. His life changed volta face when he learnt Vipassana Meditation, taught by Param Pujya Aacharya Shri Satyanarayan Goenka ji at Igatpuri Mumbai. After few years, when his Vipassana Sadhana matured a little, he started writing books on spiritualism, Mann, Mind, Subconscious Mind, Thought Process and Mind Management. He wrote a very famous book named “ Office Mei Self Management Ke Top Secrets” for the office goers to manage oneself in the office. He wrote a book named “ Yuvaon Ki Safalalata Ke Mool Mantra” for the youths to get success in their life. This is his fourth book. This book contains his realization and experiences gained during Vipassana Sadhana. He has been practicing Vipassana Sadhana since last 16 years. The author born in a village - Sikharana, district - Auraiya, Uttar Pradesh, India. He did MA in Hindi and CAIIB. Presently he is working as a senior officer in a Bank.

This book reveals out the mystery of Mann, thought Process, consciousness and subconsciousness in simple terms. This book also unfolds the true nature of our Mann and its myriad functions. A beautiful chapter on the ‘Mind Management’ has been written in this book. The author of this book has been a regular practice nor of Vipaasana meditation for the last 16 years.

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“Kya Kahun Tumse? Shayari ya Kavita?” By Rajiv Singh, Amit Misra, Pratima Menon

"Kya Kahoon Tumse" or What Must I Tell You, a Shayari or poem is an amalgamation of heartfelt compositions by three diverse aspiring poets. Whether it's an inspiration,a message, tale or love it's a culmination of their earnest feelings that reflects in their fashion of writing. Each little pearl of this string offers you a journey towards the writer's heart. These compositions hail either from their personal diary or from their crumpled pages to be shaped into this book as a gift for you all.

The language used is Hindi peppered with a few Urdu words, blended in a simple and slick way, for the readers to get a soulful experience as they sail through this book. Each composition has a strong temperament that will make you loosen yourself and think deeply about the emotions. The book stands by its title and will surely let you enjoy the variety and strong cathartic nature that comes with its every composition. Happy Reading!

The trio is a patron of Hindi language and their writing transcends any mundane limitations. For them to write is to worship and respect the innate essence of life. Their compositions stem out from the little, bitter- sweet experiences from every walk of life.

The humdrum of struggles each one of us go through in our family and personal life are beautifully weaved in their writings. Nestled in a city life now the trio has compiled their collective work which was written over a length of time from their childhood till date to be put together gracefully in this book.

Friday, 6 December 2019

“Noor - e - Qurbat” By Deepti Chandrima Botlaguduru

Deepti is a medical student who shares a great passion for hindi shayari along with general prose style writing. She also finds English literature and research interesting. Aside from writing, Deepti is also fascinated by astronomy and believes that her love for the moon and stars reflects in her writing. Noor-e -Qurbat, loosely translates to the illuminating power of intimacy, is a memoir, taken directly from the pages of her notebook. All the poems show unrequited love, undying hope and a greater relationship than love, friendship, from the writer’s perspective. She uses sun and the moon and brings forth their contrasting personalities and depicts why despite never being together, they still make the greatest lovers of all times...

Deepti is a medical student who shares great passion for Hindi shayari along with general prose style writing. She also has great interest in English literature and research. Apart from writing, Deepti also has a keen interest in astronomy and believes that her love for the moon and stars reflects in her writing.

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"The I-Land" By Chinmay Pedwal

Do you like changes? Vihaan once hated them, but the thing is, it doesn’t matter whether you like them or hate them, THEY HAPPEN. You can’t stop them, they are inevitable. But you can do one thing, i.e. you can change your perception about them. So, see how Vihaan does that. He is timid, autistic, kind of introvert and he has seen life changing, getting better for good.

Sometimes his life has shocked him, whilst sometimes his life has delighted him. It was quite a smooth sailing for him till he was fifteen, but it all changes when his parents pass in a car accident and slowly, the past of his parents calls for him. Out of nowhere his maternal uncle, Mr. Conrad Kretinsky shows up with his legal custody, as he was the only living person who happened to be his close relative. Vihaan’s father was from India and his mother was from Prague. Their marriage was frowned upon by both of their families. Slowly, the links between them and their families were ceased. The story unfolds when Vihaan gets to meet his ‘new’ family in Prague and how he adjusts to the drastic changes that take place in his life, as he is a total alien towards the Culture of Prague. His new family is willing to give him all the love he deserves and it’s slowly, that he begins to realize that.

This story is about SITUATIONS that changed him. This story is about FAMILY that he loses and finds. This story is about LOVE that he experiences, which makes him mature. This story is about the one CHOICE he makes, that changes his life FOREVER.

There is not much interesting stuff to take out from my life, the only thing that intrigues me are stories. Since, my earliest childhood, I have been fascinated with them. I love reading them, writing them, telling them. I believe that stories are an integral part of our lives. Every person, every place, everything has a story. Sometimes we fail to notice, but we are actually surrounded by stories.
My name is Chinmay Pedwal and presently I’m living in the city of Ajmer, Rajasthan. I’m a storyteller, I’m a student of Humanities, I’m a football player, I’m a NCC cadet, I’m a debater. Talking about my writing inspiration, I love authors like Charles Dickens, Nicholas Sparks, John Green, Stephen King and many more. This is my first book and there are no limits to my excitement. I just hope that people like my book and that it makes a substantial impact.

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“Dusk To Dawn” By Manya Makhija

Dusk to Dawn is a poetry book from the bottom of the author's heart. The author has penned down the poetic versions of various experiences she’s had, as an outlet for calming herself.
The author hopes to touch hearts and wants the readers to know that their thoughts, feelings are valid and cannot be completely controlled. 

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Wednesday, 4 December 2019

“The Crown of Intelligence” by Pralakshya Sharma

Why would a simple backbencher, hater of those philosophical conversations boring people do, irritating academic books, actually anything written in general — suddenly, aspire to become an academician? Why did he write this weird book in such a hurry? Like he desperately wants to dump Havana omelette but someone has brutally stopped him from going to the toilet, until he completes his homework. Samrat an irregular but happy college going lad suddenly gets a hard kick from life, when his flatmate Bob drowns and dies during a secret, fun trip to Goa. As Samrat walks in to pay last tributes to his friend, the deceased’s father hands him a letter, where he requests Samrat to adopt one strong quality of his son that had the potential to change lives, so that the greatness inside that lifeless body doesn’t perish along with it, further mentioning that particular attribute to be a seed that Samrat had to adopt and nurture, until its harvest. Creepy enough, after this episode life takes a completely different turn for Samrat, who ultimately finds himself in a rehabilitation centre, staring at a second shot at life. Was it a mere co-incidence or that part of a dead friend in him, trying to come out alive? You decide!
About the author — Pralakshya is a 25 year old Indian author born and raised in the Himalayan state of Sikkim, currently working for a Data Services Company in Bangalore. He studied B.COM in MS Ramaiah College and took up a correspondence degree in BA (History, Economics and Psychology) from GITAM University.
A below average student ever since his 5th grade, he always felt he had an important message to share but never knew what that message was, forget about how he was going to deliver it. He got his first insight during a solo backpacker’s trip to Rishikesh, a trip supposedly planned for a week that turned into a month’s long stay.
Upon his return, he tried typing words but the brain still remained constipated like it always was, until one fine day, everything started pouring out effortlessly in an organised manner, and he not only was able to write down the message but fictionalize it to help people better understand, what everything was all about.
“It’s really hard to describe The Crown Of Intelligence” he says, as this message is all about what happens, after you hear it.
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