Thursday, 30 January 2020

“Love Talks” by Harshada Pathare

“The most amazing trips are made are within an open heart! Intimate and universal, Love Talks is more than a poetry collection. Fall upon a caveat. A cue. A call to action. Harshada Pathare’s vast verses honor existence and its lifeblood: honest interconnection—art, as formed by melding separate souls. Prepare for a pilgrimage. The terminus: unknown. Along the way, you’ll wander hallowed halls and navigate nature’s raw splendor. Cozy caf├ęs, spattered studios, and delicious dreamscapes await. Take a moonlit promenade beneath a pantheistic sky that glints with possibility. Discover—rediscover—what it means to truly feel.
Surrender to the sacred spell of love —
Like a messenger from gentler times, Harshada reminds readers to slow down, settle in, and drink of the sweetest enigmas. Dreamers, modern mavens, lovers — set aside a slate of time, and contemplate the timeless.”
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Wednesday, 29 January 2020

“Haarek Ne Balidan Diya H Tumhare Liye” by Ankush Mor

We, Humans, are the most superior species of Nature… which means, we humans are Winners.
What we humans should genuinely try, is to understand that – everyone is a Winner, and with this win, Nature has gifted us Power in the form of our body structure and a unique Magic “Our Mind”. A society forms when Everyone comes together and without any single one of us, our society is incomplete. But, Actual Right growth will only happen when everyone comes together. It has happened a lot of times that Everyone has sacrificed for YOU. …… Believe Me.
We don’t know, who has cleaned the area we are living in or who is the actual owner of the food we eat or who has constructed the house we live in …and like that ……
But It’s a feeling that made me realize that “Everyone has Sacrificed for YOU”.
One Everyone lives within us also. It’s a beautiful gift of humanity that is attached to us from the Day we are Born to the Day we Die……..
We, humans, are same and equally capable and like that, My Story has Everyone for Everyone”.
This book is a beautiful story of Humanity.”
“Haarek Ne Balidan Diya H Tumhare Liye” is available on AmazonFlipkartShopclues and BlueRose.

“Peace Vapour: The Weak Foundation of Modern Civilization” by Dhanurjay Nikhandia

Why modern man is more dangerous than wild animals even after higher education & elite status? Why diseases uncontrolled and deaths are vital despite advanced medical science? Why do bad things happen to good people and vice versa despite the omnipotent law of natural justice?
These are some of the questions which often arise in our mind sooner or later. We often ponder upon these painful questions but never get an absolute solution. In light of the wisdom of Bhagavad Gita, the author has endeavored to uncover the root cause of the sufferings for a viable Vedic solution through an in-depth analysis of contemporary challenges of present society.
Dhanurjay Nikhandia (Hg Dasarathi Prasad Das), is a spiritual philosopher empowered with the timeless wisdom of Bhagavad Gita; he has a deep interest in Srimad Bhagavatam & other Vedic literature. He is an engineering graduate from UCE, Burla (Sambalpur University), Odisha and is presently working with a Maharatna PSU under MoP, Govt. of India. He practices Vaishnavism and follows Krishna Conscious life under the supervision of ISKCON, (Gurugram (NCR). Analysis of burning issues of modern society and exploring viable Vedic solution is the only passion and mission of his life.
“Peace Vapour” is available on AmazonFlipkartShopclues and BlueRose.

Monday, 27 January 2020

“The Road to Becoming an Officer & a Gentleman” by Yashika Bharadwaj

The Indian Army is one of the largest and most professional armies in the world. A commission in the Army is the dream of many, which only a privileged few can attain. An even fewer number get to graduate from the portals of the prestigious Indian Military Academy.
In order to get into the Indian Military Academy, a young graduate needs to clear a written exam, followed by a very tough selection board and a thorough medical evaluation. Once one is inducted into the IMA, then begins the grueling training of one and a half years, during which period a young man transforms into ‘an officer and a gentleman’. This is a story of that year and a half.
This book is a narrative in the form of diary entries of the entire training process of one and a half years, as told from a mother’s perspective, whose son is undergoing the training in the Academy. Based on research, the account contains details of the psychological, physical, mental and emotional moulding of a young man that happens in the Academy – how a handful of like-minded young men get transformed into a band of brothers who learn to bond, respect, stand for and by each other and have a common goal – a commitment to the nation. It is a narrative of the fun, the camaraderie, the punishments, and the training in the IMA, and shows how morals, values, ethics and complete dedication to the nation are imbibed by a young man in his journey of becoming An Officer and A Gentleman.
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Sunday, 26 January 2020

“Lord J” by J Records

Motivation BOOKIFIED!!!! Warning: Reading this book might make you quit your job!! ONLY FOR RISK TAKERS!!! (If you don’t like to take risks and if you are the kind to take life as it comes, and feel that a book or any kind of motivation is not necessary, NEVER even think of buying this book.) Strictly not for the so-called ‘conventional thinkers.’ This is only for those who look at life as an adventure. So, basically, it is not for people like my father, who are so accustomed to the normal and mediocre living pattern that let alone a book, not even the author can change the way they think. This book contains hands-on suggestions and tips for a successful and happy life by the world’s first and only mystic to become an international pop icon. Inside, you will find stories of his life, his struggles, and much more intriguing stuff in his own words.
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Friday, 24 January 2020

“One Wrong Decision” by Rajat Johari

“Have you ever fallen in love in your life?
If yes, then you are welcome to the life of R.J. (Rajat Johari) and Riya.
Schoolboy R.J.:
In the era of social media platforms, when R.J. sees Riya for the first time, his heart, or should I say, his will, forces him to communicate with Riya. A social media platform helps him move towards his aspiration, but…
Dimpled and braided-hair girl Riya:
Riya is aware of R.J.’s feelings, but as R.J. tries to communicate with her, because of his poor English, she sees him as a moron. Under a certain circumstance, R.J. finally decides to share his feelings. But does the result come out in their favour?
With the passage of time, R.J. faces defeat in his love and loses his armour. He tries to regain his love, but things have changed and he doesn’t get any opportunity to communicate. This time, social media also fails to help him, but his friends help him realise his love. After facing the realities of life, R.J. finally moves towards the one wrong decision.
Will R.J.’s love win in the battle versus pride?”
The author, Rajat Johari is a boy from the small town of Pilibhit (UP). He has always liked to live his life in anonymity, but once, for some reason, he picked up his pen and began to write this book with the title— “One Wrong Decision”.
“One Wrong Decision” is available on AmazonFlipkartShopclues and BlueRose.

“Roma: Yatharth Ki Khoj” by Sunny Raj, Md. Shadab, Sushil Kathuriya

“Roma make a claim that their ancestors were from India. DNA research is said to have established the European gypsies’ genes to Northern India. It is believed that the various invasions in India led to the exodus of this tribe in three waves which led to the spread of the tribe across Persia, Turkey, Greece, Europe, Spain, Russia, Finland, Egypt, and Morocco.
While suspicions have led to wide-scale persecution, the world also acknowledges their amazing contribution, especially to music and dance. From guitar to violins in places like Hungary, flamenco dances in Spain and oriental dances in Egypt are said to originate from them.”
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“Smuggling of Red Sanders- Injurious Consequences” by Prof. Padmaraju Yenadi Raju

The book is about the smuggling of valuable red sand from Rayalaseema in Andhra Pradesh and its harmful consequences. It has been actively going on since the 1990s, destroying nearly 90% of the forest along the Seshachalam range, which commences from the internationally known pilgrim centre, Tirupati, to the northern tip of Kadapa district, Nallamala forests in Kurnool and Prakasam districts in the Eastern Ghats, abutting Nellore district. Consequences include frequent droughts due to reduced and irregular visits of monsoons. Text is presented in readable Telugu language for those who cannot follow English. In the process of checking the smuggling, the Forest Dept. staff and the Task Force Police came to be attacked by smugglers, and even by coolies. Surprisingly, neither the police nor the Forest Dept. staff had shooting power. Hence, the smuggling is still going on, though we get a reduced number of press reports. Not only different corners of India, but countries like Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, China, Japan and Malaysia are also involved in this nefarious activity. Appendices and photocopies of pictures are provided in the end pages of the book for clarity. It is research work.
Professor Padmaraju Yenadi Raju, MA PhD from Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati. He taught MA, IAS, MPhil, and PhD scholars and guided research for MPhil and PhD degrees at the parent University. He has authored and edited 20 post-graduate and research level books, including this one. He has also published 50+ research papers. He addressed Refresher Courses and Orientation Programmes at the parent University, and at Madurai Kamaraj University, Tamil Nadu, and Kakatiya Univerity in present Telangana state.
Post-retirement, he served as a guest professor at Hyderabad Central University, and guest professor and Head of the Dept. of History, Archaeology & Culture in Dravidian University, Kuppam. He has been the convener and editor for Indian government research project on the revision of India’s freedom movement – Andhra Pradesh Chapter and again taught MA Tourism classes till 2016. He was honoured with Lifetime Achievement Award from his parent university on 28th November 2018.
“Smuggling of Red Sanders” is available on AmazonFlipkartShopclues and BlueRose.

“An Incomplete Canvas” by Kanika Kasana

“This is for the times when the tears of happiness and agony drown you.”
“The beauty with a poetry book is that you can open it from any page and read it with all your emotions which you have been burying inside your heart for ages.”
“She will definitely paint her own canvas on which every stroke would define her struggles and decisions in a pattern which is inescapably magical…”
“An Incomplete Canvas” is available on AmazonFlipkartShopclues and BlueRose.

Thursday, 23 January 2020

“NECTAR OF BLESSED MIND” by Manabendra Kuila

“NECTAR OF BLESSED MIND” is a collection of modern poems on man’s eternal struggle for existence and his overcoming of all challenges with the power of love, faith, humanity, and wisdom.
The work also aims to provide an understanding of poverty and its massive impact on human life.
The philosophies of life, identity crisis, life force, the futility of human expectations, the irony in love and relationship, inequality, the place of women in the society, spirituality, man’s unseen bonding with nature, etc. form the major themes of the book.
What strikes the author the most is the ironic relationship between life and death, and this is why death has been an important subject in his poetry.
The simplicity and lucidity of language are thought-provoking to connect all the reader friends around the world and to make the theme conversant with the language, avoiding the ‘paradox of language’ in modern poetry.
“NECTAR OF BLESSED MIND” is now available on AmazonFlipkartShopclues and BlueRose.

“Mirage” by Nilakshi Garg

“It was never meant to be just a love story. Because destiny had other plans for both of them.”
Bethany Carlson
I was working, breathing, and living my life as it is.
Where did you come from? And why?
Do you even know how you shattered my so-called ‘Mirage’?
Because left in bits and pieces, I was a forgotten cry.
You demanded the truth. But… I was a complete lie.
Gerald Fletcher, I wish I knew all the answers to the where, when, and how.
How will I ever explain the pull I had when I first saw you wishing someone to whisk you away?
From the Lies, Crowd, Pretense.
Because I knew you were the trouble I was going to invite in my life.
So, I couldn’t stop myself from barging into yours.
The only thing is, you are stuck behind the walls.
You don’t want to be solved and saved.
And I can’t let you walk alone.
Not now.
Not ever… So, screw me.”
“Mirage” is now available on AmazonFlipkartShopclues and BlueRose.

“Parwaaz – Ek Zakhmi Panchi Ki” by Mohit Chauhan

“Parwaaz – Ek Zakhmi Panchi Ki” comprises of poetry with various themes that reflect life and infolds all the emotions set into human nature by the creator. Where love flows on one side and on the other side there is a deep-sea of pain and heartbreak. It describes the harsh reality of relationships in the modern era. This book also inspires us to learn to never lose hope and face every oddity with courage in our life.”
About The Author:
“Despite being a patient of fatal disease Duchenne muscular dystrophy and bedridden for the past 32 years, nothing could devour his grit and will to pen down his feelings and inspirational thoughts. He believes his disease is a boon for him which is given only to special ones. It has given him wings to fly and the courage to dream beyond every limitation. He has been into poetry for over 2 years. Mohit has been an active part of the poetry society and has attended various poetry events as and when possible despite facing all the physical challenges. His work has been awarded, acknowledged and appreciated by various online and offline media channels few of which are as below:
Performer of the week at “The Social House”.
Certificate of appreciation in “Saaz-o-sukhan” organized by “The Modern Pots”.
Certificate of acknowledgment by “Mid-night Diary”.
Guest Speaker award at the “Shayari Hut”.
Performance Award at the “Talent show for specially-abled” by “Raindrops Foundation”.
Chief Guest” at the Jamia Milia Islamia University for a poetry event.
2 hours poetry program on FM107.8 with RJ Fahim at Manav Rachna University.
Featured performance at the “Kavya Cafe” hosted by Amar Ujala
Performed at various other programs hosted by the Inner Voice, Your Quote, etc.
Interview conducted by Delhi AAJ Tak and featured on televisionPoemspublised by “Amar Ujala” on their online channel.”
“Parwaaz” is now available on AmazonFlipkartShopclues and BlueRose.

Tuesday, 21 January 2020

“Never Give Up” by Mrinmoy Bhattacharyya

“Born to an upper middle-class family, Mrinmoy Bhattacharyya lost his mother and became a refugee before he was eight years old. The Partition of India in 1947 forced him to relocate to West Bengal from East Pakistan, in utter penury. This is the story of how he worked his way up from there to the helm of the college and university teachers’ movement in India, helping make a positive change to the working conditions of millions in the teaching profession.
The entire journey of his life is narrated by threading together numerous poignant moments and events, making the book a compelling read from the first chapter.”
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“A Star Girl Dies” by Bhoomi

A versatile 14-year-old, Bhoomi is a 9th standard student studying in Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan. A librocubicularist by nature, she started writing at the age of ten. She has many victories to her credit. She has won the KVS National Children Science Congress, 2019. As a debater and orator, she has won the KVS Regional English Debate competition in Open Category and represented Gurugram Region at National Lit. Fest, 2018, organized under Ek Bharat Shrestha Bharat. As a sports person, she has been a two time Gold Medalist at KVS Regional level in Taekwondo ( U-14) in the year 2018 and 2019. She was also awarded a Merit Certificate in the 13th All India KV Child Art Exhibition, 2017. She belongs to Sonipat, Haryana.
“A Star Girl Dies” is her first novel which highlights some of the sensible issues affecting a starry teenager, Angel.
The book has garnered great appreciation from critics and readers alike.
“The book is high on content, style, description as well as has a stable structure. The story is both moving and fascinating.”- Arpita Sinha, PhD Scholar, Washington State University.
“Fantastic and beyond the age…both the author and her debut novel.”-J K Shrivastava, Principal Correspondent, The Tribune.
“A new chapter in Literary Field by a young author of 14.”- Mr. Abraham Thomas, Assistant Editor, The Pioneer.
“A Star Girl Dies” is now available on AmazonFlipkartShopclues and BlueRose.

“Mellow Heart” by Khushi Gupta

“‘It was a fatal mistake looking for love when it was right there all the time.’ ‘ Mend, she writes in her diary. It was closure for her.’
It was a beginning for me….
Sevoren Appter is the usual sarcastic teenager who loves criticizing love stories and avoiding conversations. And… she is doing pretty well maintaining a low profile and avoiding the long-separated trios, the school rebels. That is until everything turns the other way…
What will she do when she keeps bumping into people and things she never wished for, When her best friend lets her down terribly, and especially when she is stuck with a guy she thinks she hates the most?
She never thought her life would turn out this way…”
The author— Khushi Gupta, is an enthusiastic reader and writer. She likes to write books that connect her dreams to reality. Born on 10 May 2003, she is a young writer with the ambition to connect with others of her own age. She endeavors to let readers apprehend the different emotions of life like love, hatred … This work is a result of her hard work and feelings. She is completing her high school education and hopes to write more in the future. Her first book was not officially published which she wrote at the age of 13. At present, she wishes to make people laugh and cry in pleasure with her because that’s the most precious gift she had with her name, HAPPINESS… KHUSHI She enjoys reading, singing, swimming and observing in leisure time.
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Monday, 20 January 2020

“How to Ensure Growth and Secure Profitability” by Binay Kumar Jha

This book contains all the experiences and knowledge acquired by the author during his tenure of services. The purpose of the book is to share the value-added excellence and experience to benefit the individuals and organizations that are desirous of continual improvement.
Binay Kumar Jha is a mechanical engineer with an MBA degree in operation management. He has rich multifaceted professional experiences of working for more than 38 years in various engineering, manufacturing of auto components, infrastructural and plastic products, and service organizations of high repute in India and abroad at senior management positions.
“How to Ensure Growth and Secure Profitability” is available on AmazonFlipkartShopclues and BlueRose.

“Bite the Bullet or Bite Me Anyways” by Waroon Maihra

“The book is inspired by real events yet fictionalized to help the readers walk with the character on their journey through the power of words. It has poems, stories, nano tales, and light-heart discussions about life and the journey. The book celebrates the choice of winning either way by doing the unthoughtful and enjoying the journey. Bite the Bullet or Bite Me Anyways focuses on celebrating choices and life from people of different walks of life.”
An award-winning learning professional and the writer of “The Diary of a Novice Author”, Varun brings another edition of experiences based on true events, weaved into short stories penned with different formats. He finds himself juggling between a world that he has in the mind, the world that exists around him, and the world that the world intends to create and lets his heart dictate how he leads the life. A dreamer by desires, a loyalist by design, self-aware and self-accepting, a painter of his canvas and a soul who decides to live beyond, a man of Mars, Venus and beyond, wants to walk and talk with you through this book.
“Bite the Bullet or Bite Me Anyways” is available on AmazonFlipkartShopcluesBlueRose.

“A Wake Up Call for Every Indian” by Prahalad Rao

The book is based on the last address of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar to the Constituent Assembly on 25th November 1949. Dr. Ambedkar expressed great concerns on the preservation of the Democracy enshrined in the Constitution. These concerns made the author take up writing. The country has been in turmoil for about the past 30 years with an uncertain future for the present and coming generations. The idea is to recapture Dr. Ambedkar’s message to the political parties’ governance and to people. The author has made an earnest effort to highlight the concerns of the father of the Constitution and his farsightedness to forewarn politicians and the people of the country about what would happen if self-interest takes the front seat and the interest of the country is pushed back.
In the midst of the prevailing chaos, the author, through this book, wishes to give ‘a wake-up call to every Indian’, not from his own views, but from those who foresaw the emerging critical political environment in the country which is destroying the basic constitutional fiber as well as threatening the democratic development of the country. Our independence can only be sustained if there is a coherent call from political and religious leaders, who are ignoring their fundamental duties for their own self-aggrandizement. The need of the hour is to sprinkle and spread the perfume of harmony and oneness without ascribing any kind of scourge but upholding the God-given message of humanism as the sole consideration for development in every walk of life. A nation is built not merely on valor but through upholding the virtues of the ancestors and those who sacrificed their lives for freedom.
“A Wake Up Call to Every Indian” is available on AmazonFlipkartShopclues and BlueRose.

“Memoirs of a Dragonfly” by Rhea Dsouza

“That which is deeply personal is also universal. After 14 years of refusing to publish, because I thought I didn’t really write the poem, they came to me from the universe. The reconciliation between the Universe and me is, I now humbly accept I am a part of this universe and that not wanting to publish was an act of arrogance, a separation that I did not feel. I also felt that words could not somehow capture the nuanced fleeting emotions. After trying many times to round off the edges with rhyming words, I found freedom in giving up the notion of rounding up. And let the unfinished thought just stay beautiful in its jaggedness. Where words failed pauses came in to help. I left exclamations and blank spaces in places where I paused…waiting listening. You hold my truth, struggles, joy, pain, faith – in short, my fragile humanity… and maybe in your pause, we will finally connect.”
The author— Rhea, is a dreamer, a pragmatist, a designer, and an entrepreneur. With a deep entrenchment in quantum physics and nature of nature, she is a curious bag of contradictions. In pursuit of deeper freedom while constantly redefining what freedom means. She dreams of a world that wakes up to the truth of a borderless world with boundaries. She runs Kabila Consulting, an organization and a movement towards building leaders who build tribes.
“Memoirs of a Dragonfly” is available on AmazonFlipkartShopclues and BlueRose.

“The Devil Don” by Chaitanya Upadhyay

Chaitanya Upadhyay is from Dashrath a village in Vadodara, Gujarat. He has completed his schooling from Ankur Vidyalaya Dashrath and his Post graduation in Chemistry and from childhood itself he was fond of writing, he clearly remembers his first line which he wrote in the back of his Social Studies notebook in class 5, “mere ye pal ki zindagi” and now from the desk of his school, now he is a member of Film Writers Association, completed more than 900 songs and has published his first thriller love story.
“The Devil Don” is available on AmazonFlipkartShopclues and BlueRose.

“My Vision is My Mission” by Ila Singh

“Visualise a #missionapp on your mobile that will navigate you from where you are now to create the most splendid, enriching and fulfilling life that you could have ever imagined. This trusted app is none other than your ‘Self’, the dependable surveillance system to let you soar higher than your expectations.
The most exciting part of this journey is to identify your vision and to manifest them mindfully while overtaking the vicious cycle of thoughts, feelings an.d emotions. Through this app, you, the true Magician/Alchemist, will realize your greatest dream of becoming a better version of your ‘self’ in 2020 and beyond. This mobile is your ‘life’ with an inbuilt app i.e. your ‘self’
Welcome on board for #missionlife now.”
The author — Ila Singh, is a learner, a seeker, a civil servant presently based in Delhi. Her first creation titled ‘A Journal for Self Discovery’ an adult weekly workbook was primarily focused on the stages of learning and unlearning; however, in the present Journal, the starting point is unlearning so as to make sufficient space for relearning here now. Subsequently, as the reader is gradually equipped to organize and capture the ongoing weeks and months mindfully throughout the calendar year; eventually to be with the best version of ‘Self’ in #missionlife.
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Sunday, 19 January 2020

“Ranjesh’s Practical Global English Grammar, Composition & Usages, Volume- 1B” by Er. BK Ranjesh Roy

This book has been written keeping in mind the new pattern of all competitive exams for basic, advanced, and competitive level students. It contains more than 2500 objective questions with solutions and is essential for cracking any competitive examination. Special attention has been paid to concepts, as well as the practical applications of every topic from basic to advanced. Each topic has been discussed in-depth, with appropriate examples.
This book will prove useful as A Complete Guide and Practical Practice Book for those who are preparing for TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, GMAT, GATE, Banking (P.O. & Clerk), MBA (CAT, MAT, XAT, CET …) BBA, AAO, UPSC (CPF, CDS, NDA …), SSC (Asst. Grade, CPO, TA, SO, Audit UDC, LDC…), Rly., Air-Force, Navy and other competitive examinations in the subject of English.
The author, Er. B.K. Ranjesh was born and raised in a common and small family in a remote village of Rajaura, Begusarai, Bihar, India. He completed his M.Tech. (Mechanical) from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University-Kakinada, A.P.; M.Sc. (VE&S) from Annamalai University, Tamil Nadu, and M.A. (English) from Acharya Nagarjuna University, Guntur, A.P. respectively. Earlier, he worked as a Mechanical Engineer in Chennai. Later, he switched professions and became a Java expert. Now, he is working as a Full Stack Java Developer in a reputed company, Hyderabad. He has written more than a dozen books in English for various phases. He has attended several educational seminars and written books on various topics, for school, college, and university students. He has been providing free training services as an English Trainer in many institutes for the students in his life. He is a motivational speaker, author, and value-based trainer who has been providing value education and free training services on spirituality in schools, engineering colleges, universities, industries, jails, etc.
You can get your copy of “Ranjesh’s Practical Global English Grammar, Composition & Usages, Volume- 1B” from AmazonFlipkartShopclues and BlueRose.

Wednesday, 15 January 2020

“Advance Medical Astrology (Part One)” by Dr Sunil Sharma

The present book, “Advanced Medical Astrology (Part One)” exhibited the correlation betwixt Astrology and Medical Science. herein expressed the diseases occurred in accordance with planets, signs, and stars of one’s horoscope, with their modern medical nomenclature. I have inculcated the various planetary combinations given in different ancient books for various diseases, with their transformation in the modern medical scenario. This book will a boon to every astrologer who can discern from one’s horoscope that a person will suffer from a particular disease in particular time. The book will be a milestone to the students / Astrologers who aspire study of medical astrology.
“Advance Medical Astrology” is available on AmazonFlipkartShopclues and BlueRose.

“Threshold” by Sudha Sikrawar

This story of mine is an adaptation of the story, “Chand Saawla Hai,” published in Hindi. And the stories, inspired by some events, do represent both imagination and fragments that mirror the truth. What is happening today is a story, what was happening yesterday was also a story, and what happens tomorrow will also become a story. If everything was seen as truth instead of a story, then today, perhaps, the background of our society and families would have told a different story.
Everyone has their boundaries and premises, and most of the time, they are violated. But there is no violation of these violations, nor is there any scale to measure all this. Just as one truth is different for different persons and becomes a story, in the same way, just like there was a king and there was a queen, this story gets over. And will this happen always…?
We have not been able to learn anything from the Panchatantra stories of the animal kingdom till date, which in my view forms the biggest learning through stories. I think no writer can teach someone something by simply writing a story; One only tries to tell by expressing one’s thoughts, “Look, this is happening. And is it really happening!?”
“Threshold” is available on AmazonFlipkartShopclues and BlueRose.

“Jain Dharam ke mahaan sant evam sudhar” by Dr Sunita Jagdish Sankhla

Jain saints have always been ahead in removing the evils of life and society. Jain saints have always opposed the practice of multiple marriages, female insults, female illiteracy. In this book, I have described the works which inspired by the Jain saints to promote the public welfare works like to open hospitals, libraries, schools, colleges and encouraging the education for girls. Jain saints have also strongly opposed the social inequality, cast system, ahinsa, purda system, dowry, child marriages, mratyubhoj. They also opposed drug addiction to participate in gamble by the young generation. Jain saints also gave emphasis on environment protection, protection of proletariat. This work will give a new direction to humans and society will also be thankful to Jain saints. Show gratitude to those who have shown a new path to society.
Read the book to know more about the philosophies and reforms of the Jain saints. Buy now on AmazonFlipkartShopclues or BlueRose.

"Chand Sanwla Hei" by Sudha Sikrawar

I was very fond of story reading and listening from my childhood. At the age of eight, I read first novel “NIRMLA”, written by Munshi Premchand which has imbibed deep into my heart. And at the same time inspired by this, I wrote my first article named” A Woman With Dowry “which was published in a newspaper and also received award at that time. The award has never inspired me instead I have been inspired to write about family movements, incidents and events happening in society. This is the content of my stories in “Chand Sanwla Hei ”
“Chand Sanwla Hei” is available on AmazonFlipkartShopclues and BlueRose.

Tuesday, 14 January 2020

“Afsaane” by Ameya Bondre

Ameya Bondre has penned a collection of short stories revolving around unrequited love, hope, acceptance, heart breaks or just needs, which are sure to strike a chord among readers from all walks of life. Published by BlueRose Publishers, ‘Afsaane’ was recently released at the World Book Fair 2020 in Delhi.

Summary of the stories:
A sky-blue paper bird glued to a mirror. A handmade book on music to be gifted. A pair of mud brown tea cups without handles. A shelf to hoard dying memories. A little home tucked away in a remote village. A haunting voice after boarding an empty bus… These images belong to people whose stories are packed in this book: A man who meets his lost friend in a new world. A seeker who resists everyone to reach an unwanted place. Lovers that separate, only to find some hope. A failed artist who finds another voice. A new entrant in a home who creates turmoil. A cheated girl who makes a desperate call. A shattered man who pegs on a sudden dreamy trip. With eleven stories of unrequited love, hope, acceptance, heartbreaks or just needs, ‘Afsaane’ will tug at your heartstrings and open windows to people who experience unusual situations in far too usual lives.

Ameya is a physician and public health researcher, currently working with a healthcare technology start-up associated with IIT-Bombay. Born and raised in Mumbai, he studied at KEM Hospital, and later at Johns Hopkins University, USA. Ameya’s professional life has been rewarding with honours from Johns Hopkins, Tufts, MIT, Yale and TEDx, and several academic publications. Creative writing has been a constant companion over the years, with multiple rounds of editing back and forth, periodic workshops, and learning from editors and readers. He formally started writing short stories in the winter of 2017, to put them into ‘Afsaane’, his first book.
Afsaane is now available on AmazonFlipkartShopclues and BlueRose.

“Ecotourism in Rajaji Tiger Reserve Package” by Ritesh Joshi

The book, Ecotourism in Rajaji Tiger Reserve is a unique and unusual blend of field work, observations and research on various aspects of ecotourism in Rajaji Tiger Reserve and possible approaches for its implementation. Written in an easy style, the book is of equal interest to the expert and the layperson. The author, a Scientist with the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, spent more than a decade working in the Rajaji Tiger Reserve. Book gives a broader insight in to the ecotourism promotion and wildlife conservation. The nature-based attraction sites for tourists in and around the reserve, priority interventions, code of ethics and risk management documented in the book reflect a roadmap for better management of the Rajaji Tiger Reserve and in minimizing the man-animal conflict in North India.
Ecotourism in Rajaji Tiger Reserve is now available on AmazonFlipkartShopclues and BlueRose.

Friday, 10 January 2020

“ENSUING MECHANIZATION” by Adesh Pratap Singh Chauhan

Technology! We all love it! But do you know how it will look in the future? What type of technology we will use in the future? Will there be any smartphones? Computers? In this book, I have written about the future of technology in various fields such as Education, Transportation, Smartphones, Warfare, etc. As we all know, every coin has two sides. Technology also has two sides: positive and negative. I have also talked about the future of technology in a positive way and also in a negative way. Technology has many negative sides as well as positive sides. This book will take you to another level of the technology world where you’ll get to know about its future.
Adesh, also known as Technokrane, was born on 21 June 2005 in Madhya Pradesh. He started developing an interest in science and technology early in his life. He is a tech lover who loves to try out new gadgets. He is also a YouTuber who creates content pertaining to technology. He developed his own app at the age of 13 and is currently studying about space and the universe. His dream is to build a tech company and his idol is Elon Musk. At the raw age of 13, he started building apps and intros for others and launched his own merchandise. With ENSUING MECHANIZATION, Adesh has taken his first step in his writing career.
ENSUING MECHANIZATION is now available on AmazonFlipkartShopclues and BlueRose.