Saturday, 22 December 2018

BlueRose Publishers “Impassionate Love” by Rishabh Singh

About the Author
Rishabh Singh is currently doing his MBA from Jaypee Business School, Noida. He is an Alumni of Anand Engineering College, Agra. Brought up in The City of Taj he did his schooling from St. Peter’s College and DPS Noida. It was during his 11th in DPS where he developed an interest in reading. It was after reading Durjoy Datta and Nikita Singh he felt that he too can become a story teller and tap the untouched chords of emotions and passion.
“Stories serves as the best medium to connect with audience and make them live a life which an author creates, experience love, pain, sacrifice and betrayal.”
Impassionate Love holds a special place in his life. He wrote the story in 2014 and has revised it thrice.
Impassionate Love is a simple love story written in layman English. A story of friendship, love at first sight, ignorance, anger, pain and betrayal. Story revolves around Rishabh and Annanya who can to know each other through a common friend and he could not stop himself from loving her.
Rishabh tries to give his best to their relation and Annanya. His relationship was going perfect but he had forgotten “Things do not go as they are thought to be”.
Life took an unexpected turn and he found himself all alone. Annanya has vanished. Had she left? Was she missing? Rishabh had a lot of questions but did not knew where to look for answer. When he had given up, he found her and unexpected truth which left him devastated.
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Thursday, 6 December 2018

BlueRose Publishers Presents “The Story of Murder” by Faisal Raza

Vayu is a Police officer
He has four friends, including Sarika, who are all police officers.
After training, the five of them are sent to different missions.
Vayu goes alone, because he believed that he can accomplish the mission alone.
The other four are sent together on the mission.
Vayu successfully completes its mission and meets Khushboo during his mission.
Vayu’s four friends fail in their mission, so Vayu decides to go on their mission.
People have staged their demands, the government property has collapsed, and so many people have died.
The danger is clear, but Vayu manages to end the strike with his sense and non-violence.
Vayu’s name is illuminated.
But those who have aroused their enemies, along with his childhood friends have also become his enemy. Vayu does not know about this.
Revenge of goodness comes from evil.
They destroy Vayu’s life. Loneliness starts to dominate him, and he loses his sanity.
“Nafrat ko machis ki tili dikhane ki zaroorat nahi hai, Pyar ko failane ke liyen tufan bhi kam hai."

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Wednesday, 5 December 2018

BlueRose Publishers Presents “Black Genesis” by Francis P M

Black Genesis is a fiction that uses magical realism through which the story talks about the corrupted systems in our society. Sam is the protagonist of the story. His conversation takes Alby, his friend, into different dimensions of religious, political and educational systems that has been controlling the society. All the systems are corrupted for personal benefits, and this is why society comes under their influence, which is much more agonizing. The society is actually compelled to obey and continue as slaves with the authorities’ power. This is where the secret societies with dark agendas crawl in and mark their territories. Since power and wealth is the main source of evil, satanic cult delivers individuals who need them in return of trading souls. Fotia is one of the secret societies that control different systems which have gained their influence through dark magic and with the practice of witchcraft (all actions with impure motives are a form of witchcraft). That’s what the author is trying to say through this novella.

To our current systems, it’s a warning to all the authorities who are in power, and reminds them about the seriousness and consequences of their action. Knowingly or unknowingly, they serve catastrophic results which can never be amended. Author uses religious texts and the antagonist of all religion, which is Satan himself in to the story through the secret society to show the denouement of actions that impure motives can cause. With great power comes great responsibilities. Author reminds us that we should have good insight of all actions so that the doomsday is slightly delayed. The end of humankind will be due to human action itself. Author demands readers to be perceptive of environmental and psychological state of a community and to react for a better tomorrow.

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BlueRose Publishers Presents " फनल! ‘एक स्मारक प्रेम और प्रतिशोध का" by Yaansh Bharti

"Funnel! Ek Smaarak prem aur pratishodh ka” is the second novel of Mr. Yaansh Bharti, which offers a thrilling experience. While his first novel named as “Bandhan unn chh feron ka” was based on a tragic love triangle, this one is completely different. The story revolves around Dimple, a 20-year-old medical student whose best friend Simran Nisaar’s sudden murder proved to be a deep shock for her, and in her absence, she starts feeling lost and tired. Before she could lose herself, she found a true friend in Ruksaar, and true sympathy in Rahul, who investigated Simran's murder. Dimple completely immersed herself in the complexity of the case, which transformed into a puzzle. She did not even think that her quest would end with funnel, which was built inside a marble masterpiece! The monument was made on a grave of an unfortunate girl, buried alive in the ground. The Funnel had many secrets! There was a rumor that the soul of the innocent girl buried alive under that marble masterpiece, was seen wandering in that village named Vishrasar, who slaughtered every person who tried to touch the water of the well situated near the bloody funnel.

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Monday, 3 December 2018

BlueRose Publishers Presents “Pulitzer at 16” by Abhishek Behera

I had never imagined that one day I’d see a book in library shelves around the globe, authored by me. I had never imagined that random impacts on one’s mind can lead him/her to change their course of life, and set the journey towards a destination which is to a great extent, uncertain. Sometimes, when I look back at my past and ponder upon the moments that left a huge but unseen impact in disguise, it leads me to a state in which I get confused whether to be proud of those phases of my life, or let nostalgia do its part. To be honest, I had never thought that one day I’d be selling my book across 120 countries and get my book read by millions across the globe. It was indeed that one evening in the middle of summer holidays, which enabled me of achieving something that I knew yet I didn’t realise for years and that was my love for literature.

The one thing that really fascinates me every time I am asked about my book, is the reply I give them stating how I was able to publish a book at a very young age of 16 -- “It is of no doubt that I authored and published my book at the age of 16, but to be honest, I was inspired to write this book by a 7 year old girl. That evening I realised the one thing that altered the course of my life in the years to come and that was…. “If she did it at 7, why Can’t I at 16?””

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“Uneven Sketches On A Coarse Surface” by A K Vijayakumaran

This collection of poems took almost eight years to materialize; some of the poems were written, some of them remained in single lines and hibernated through the severe winter that affected my creativity. There were a few that remained as seeds refusing to sprout from my mind; but, slowly, one by one, everything started to come to life. I was able to get them out on my laptop. The evolution was slow and painful giving me sleepless nights. Creating, destroying; owning, discarding; rejecting, and accepting the game with the words went on and on for all those years. Now, finally, the collection is ready for the readers. With the nervous excitement of a teenager I wait with my fingers crossed. After all, it is for the readers to decide whether they need to accept or reject my poems.

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BlueRose Publishers Presents “The Navodaya Life” by Kundan Kumar

Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas (JNVs) is a system of alternative schools for talented and gifted students in India. They are run by Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti, New Delhi -- an autonomous organization under the Department of School Education and Literacy Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India. JNVs exist all over India, with the exception of Tamil Nadu, where the anti-Hindi Movement was widespread during past times. There are approximately 598 JNVs across India as of 2015-16 academic year. The idea of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya was conceived by former Prime Minister of India -- Rajiv Gandhi. The concept of opening a Vidyalaya in every district of India was born as a part of the National Policy of Education, 1986, with a goal of providing excellent education coupled with Social Justice.

“The Navodaya life” talks how a kid of only eleven years learns to serve for the Nation. Although he is mischievous in school, he eventually realises his purpose in life, and gains skills to bear responsibilities in different circumstances. It takes you back to the era of careless and free life, and assures to bring a smile on your face.

Sunday, 2 December 2018

BlueRose Publishers Presents "The Flying Dreams" by Akshay Sharma

It’s all about achieving dreams. The character Aarav, who dreams to become a Magician right from the age of six, literally gets dejected from his real life, because of the restrictions set by his father! He then creates his own world of fantasies in his dreams, and spends most of the time there. He meets his love of life, Zara, who supports him immensely, but one day he realises that, he is not in his dream. He confuses his conscious mind with his sub-consciousness. Gradually, he longs for achieving his flying dreams!
Why is it a must read for everyone?
The character itself is a role model for everyone, because, just like him there are millions who strive to achieve their dreams, and finally give up. In this story, Aarav fights his weakness to achieve his flying dreams. It’s never an easy job for anyone to achieve their passion, unless and until it is rightly supported by their family members.
Is it a motivation or a story?
It’s a complete story about Aarav, his love and his family members. The book takes the readers to extreme imaginations and makes them conceptualize dreams and reality. The book is a trilogy, and the suspense remains till the end. The mystery of Aarav, his fantasy world and his imaginary love is what this novel comprises of.
“Don’t fly in your dreams, but fly with your dreams!”