Tuesday, 26 November 2019

"Wonderful Life" By Tej Kumar Baxla

This book contains a collection of poems. These poems are not only for children but also for men women, teenagers, youngsters, and elderly people. People will surely enjoy reading each and every poem. The poems impart moral values and teachings that one should definitely inculcate. People have different experiences throughout their lives in every step of action they take; it could be enjoyment, sorrow, struggle, success, etc. All aspects of life depends on one's own views. These poems will surely bring a little concept of love to all kinds of people. The author hopes that you read and enjoy this book.

Tej Kumar Baxla lives in a small city called Ambikapur, Surguja,Chhattisgarh. He belongs to a small village called Dhelsera in Sitapur, Surguja (Chhattisgarh). He has completed his graduation in Hindi Literature with Philosophy from SFS college in Nagpur, Maharastra and his post graduation in English literature from Guru Ghasi Das University Bilaspur. He likes music and sports, specially football. At present, he is teaching as a lecturer in a senior secondary governement school for girls in Batauli, Surguja, Chhattisgarh.

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Thursday, 21 November 2019

“Start With Zero” By Gauri Shrivastava

People shift their focus and dreams get derailed by the force of inner conflict. They can achieve everything they want by getting access to their inner resources. • Condition yourself mentally, emotionally and physically for consistent success.
• Transform unproductive emotions into empowering actions. • Map your abilities.
• Practice creative thinking to innovate.
• Connect with your internal world and evolve.
• Increase your intelligence.
• Charismatically change yourself by using the law of abundance.
• Learn how to inspire yourself.
• Use the subconscious mind to connect with universal powers
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Wednesday, 20 November 2019

“किरदार” By Satyen Yadav

Welcome to the Kirdaar a book that relates to every individual with different colors & emotions of life, be it love, hate, happiness, sadness, anger, patience, shock, surprise, motivation, depression, patriotism and many more. We all play various roles in our daily life and also various experiences we get either with our own actions or influence of others on us. This book tries to depict all those different roles and our reactions to every situation. 
Satyen Yadav, civil engineer by the day and a poet by the night, postgraduate in construction management and writer by choice. Lived in various parts of the country and travelled accross all states. Rajasthan in blood and India in veins, all this contributing to the various experiences shared through his writings. 
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“सिंह (Lion)” By Hina Desai

I was born in Baroda, Gujarat but grew up in the United States. Gujarati is my first language and I still speak it with my family. While mediating one evening during a difficult time in my life, I was overcome with a vision of a book - a baby book with a tiger on the cover. I love learning about different animals myself and thought it would be great subject to teach Gujarati. So began my journey to create my vision into a reality.
Indian parents and grandparents want to pass along culture to their children. Language and expression is a fundamental part of that culture. The books contain facts about animals that will intrigue both younger and older kids. Younger ones will hear the words as you read to them and older children can recite the words back to you. Add this book into your nighttime routine to create a wonderful, lasting and bonding experience with your children and grandchildren.

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“बाघ (Tiger)” By Hina Desai

I was born in Baroda, Gujarat but grew up in the United States. Gujarati is my first language and I still speak it with my family. While mediating one evening during a difficult time in my life, I was overcome with a vision of a book - a baby book with a tiger on the cover. I love learning about different animals myself and thought it would be great subject to teach Gujarati. So began my journey to create my vision into a reality.Indian parents and grandparents want to pass along culture to their children. Language and expression is a fundamental part of that culture. The books contain facts about animals that will intrigue both younger and older kids. Younger ones will hear the words as you read to them and older children can recite the words back to you. Add this book into your nighttime routine to create a wonderful, lasting and bonding experience with your children and grandchildren.
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“The Beauty Of The Nebula” By Miss Divya Singh

Coming events cast their shadows before”, this saying proved to be true when Divya Singh- a young enthusiast of only 15 years was born with an inclination towards literature. At the age of 3, she recited 9 self-written fiction stories on the spot, leaving the listeners awestruck. She has been a meritorious student, a winner of various debates, speeches, poem recitations, etc. in inter-school competitions and has been inspired by various authors like Robert Frost, P.B. Shelley, William Wordsworth, Shakespeare and by different aspects of life. She is a vivacious and versatile poet. After her parents got divorced, she came to understand emotions closely. Since then, she has tasted friendships, hardships, betrayals, heartbreaks, criticism and anxiety and has always come out stronger. She is devious, yet innocent, social, yet reserved. She has a complex mind, yet she is a simple person. She can turn her feelings into beautiful poems in a matter of seconds. Her aim in life is to spread the message that “life is worth living” to all. Divya loves to smile and make others happy. She is making her debut in the world of literature from the present collection of poems entitled, ’Beauty of the Nebula’.
This book emphasizes on the fact that “even the worst has something about it and the best can be criticized too…amongst the good and bad, what you see is up to you”.The poems in this book shed light on the truth about life, feelings, difficulties, options, thoughts, failures, prejudices and human relations. They will help the readers in self-discovery and in understanding the world, in short, these poems will force the readers to….. THINK AGAIN!

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Monday, 18 November 2019

“Zimmedariyan” By Mudit Kalia and Anjani Chaand

Three years at college were no less than a roller coaster ride for him. From finding love on the first day of college, to witnessing it being shattered in front of his eyes; from enjoying night-outs to staying up all night for close ones; from being carefree and the life and soul of all parties to growing into a responsible and rational adult, he has seen it all. As his life takes a major 360 degree turn, he realizes that the situations an individual faces in life are nothing but a learning process. You come to terms with the truths of life, start understanding the value of money and hard-work, and at the same time, are able to judge people and relationships within a family to evaluate it better.

Mudit Kalia: A millennial marketer and a digital evangelist by profession, a travel freak by heart and an intense human in general, Mudit is a banter king of sorts. He has the zeal to learn and try out new things every now and then. His passion includes his love for singing. Apart from that, he has so many stories to tell and share with the world, mostly his personal experiences, but just does not have the patience to sit and put it down formally in writing. With this attempt, he aims to reach out to millions of people out there, who, he believes, will connect with his stories and be left wanting for more in future. He aims to produce the bestselling novels of this age and time, and this is just the beginning for him!

Anjani Chaand: Solely motivated by her co-author to write, this is Anjani’s first attempt at writing a novel as well. She is a content person by profession, and has been working in the education space for more than four years now. She plans to turn into an entrepreneur 8-10 years down the line, and simultaneously pursue her passion for writing and fashion. Other than that, she loves to travel and explore new places. She finds immense happiness in shopping, and is also a movie buff. With this book, she is hopeful that she will gain more confidence to continue writing and sharing stories with the world. 
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Friday, 15 November 2019

“CEILING ON LAND HOLDINGS (Past Perspective)” – by Prafulla Kumar Chaulia

    In the 1950s there was the first wave of agrarian reforms attempted by all the States of new India by enacting laws relating to abolitions of Estates and Zamindaries which were intended to remove all intermediaries between the cultivator of the land and the State. The second wave of reforms during the 1960s was the enactment of laws in the States of India in which the right and title of the tenants and raiyats are to be made permanent and secure. During the 1970s besides unprecedented political turmoil in India, the third wave of agrarian reforms came in the form of the ceiling on landholdings and distribution of surplus land to the landless. This book deals with the above third wave of land reforms giving the performance data of Governments of States and Centre with the author’s observation by field visits and from the findings of research institutes. The book is a part of the author’s doctoral research thesis on the implementation of the ceiling on landholdings in the country. The findings of the inquiry discover a scenario in the political economy of India which is startling and the country’s socio-economic picture remains so even today.
Among the most valuable aspects of the thesis is the fact that Mr. Chaulia, as a Government Officer, can make sense of much of the ceiling legislation, as well as the bureaucratic processes set to implement them. He is able to draw out their significance in ways that dissertations and accounts that I have read by sophisticated but inexperienced academics do not do. The discussion, for example, of the family definitions in the Orissa and Andhra legislation, is very lucid and enlightening.” Susanne Hoeber Rudolph Professor, Political Science University of Chicago Director, South Asia Centre
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Thursday, 14 November 2019

"Fossil of Time" by Abhishek Kumar Anmol


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Tuesday, 12 November 2019

“Bairistar Mem Saheb” By Vinod Shrivastava

BarristerMemSaheb is a heart wrenching story of a brave girl who plays the bugle of struggle against a high-profile politician to avenge her rape and makes the impossible possible with her courage. A novel based on a socio-political theme that you will want to read again and again. To get a unique reading experience, you must read this novel. 
Vinod Srivastava is a well known Indian writer. He has 25 plus years of working experience in the field of Hindi journalism. He has worked as an editor in chief, group editor and editor in several national level print & electronic media. His hundreds of stories and articles got published in several reputed magazines & newspapers. He also wrote some educational books. Barrister Mem Saheb, is a new creation of him. 

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"I" A Journey Of Emotions And Desires By Dr. Saket Saurav

You can only be defeated in the playground of life if you leave the pitch. Life will continue to bowl to you; with a bat in your hand, you can either hit the ball or duck on the bouncers. Life threw the author a lot of curveballs in his life, but with his resilience and hard-work, he survived them all. This book tells his story of survival, emotions, and desires. Born and brought up in a family that lacked money and luxuries, but not love and affection, the author chose to write his own destiny. This book is about his journey beginning from humble beginnings to becoming an established surgeon.
The author of this book, Dr. Saket Sourav is an orthopedic surgeon, posted in Central Coalfield Limited in Bermo, Bokaro Steel City, Jharkhand. Having experienced all the tastes of life, the author decided to share his journey with his readers in the hope of telling his story and at the same time dispense some life advice that he has learned.
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Sunday, 10 November 2019

"Soulfull Cities" By Mukkul Ahuja

A collection of beautiful landscapes, poignant stories, varied hues of nature, a rich exhibition of the culture and heritage of India. A compilation that exudes euphoria, and serenity. It feels like a celebration of India and its soulful cities. An excellent portrait of the beauty, culture, and the real India. Best depiction of a multitude of rich Indian culture, monuments, history, and most of all the Indian way of life.

Mukkul Ahuja, a cinematographer comes from an engineering background and a Master's in marketing. A hardworking photographer, who worked on an array of photography jobs. With an internship in fashion photography, Mukkul started his career as a field executive in a real estate company. He picked his experience from jobs like Fashion photography, freelance photojournalism, and a series of cinematography projects. He has a rich cinematography experience that comes from working in projects like music videos, movies, web series, and reality shows. Working on projects of varied fields gives him the much-required finesse. Photography is both his passion and his profession. He has always been interested in the art of photography. Has won awards and accolades on a global forum. He also was named as the "Guru" for the gurushots in June 2019.
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Website: http://www.mukkul.in/

Thursday, 7 November 2019

"Things Women Can't Do" By Aamin

According to estimates, this blue planet has seen around 100 billion humans. As there were no gender or abortion detection techniques available, let's assume that out of 100 billion humans, 50 billion were women. Now It is a proven fact that the female brain is as capable as the male brain, and the human brain is the most complicated object in the known universe. Modern homo sapiens first walked the earth 50,000 years ago, but women are being appreciated only from the last 100 years by a few people. So it is clear that we have wasted around 45 billion human brains. Just imagine the loss!! If today we don't have cure for cancer or AIDS, if today we are not traveling faster than light, it is because we never respected her intelligence. The intention of this book is to motivate women around the world because it is the 21st century and we still hear things like, "But she is a woman; she can't do it," "But you are a woman; you can't do it," etc. This is my contribution to women empowerment.' Never allow anyone to tell you that you can't.

NOTE: As there is nothing that women can't do, this book is blank (empty) from inside.
I belong to a very small village in India where almost every woman is uneducated and becomes a housewife without a choice, where so many girls are still getting married before they turn 20. So I always wanted to do something for women. I am an engineer, just like most other Indians and have been working in the engineering sector for the last five years. I have seen so many women working at core engineering like design and development. Actually, they trained me. I am interested in Physics, so i also know about female scientists like Marie Currie and Lise Meitner, and female mathematicians like Emmy Noether (who was on par with Einstein). I BELIEVE IN FEMALE INTELLIGENCE.

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Every subject identity is dependent on fundamental principles. Indian philosophy plays an important role in every other philosophy of the world. Every man must have a religion, especially one which appeals to the intellectual mind. This book in an analytical approach to providing all the important fundamental principles of Indian philosophy in a brief and precise format, so that the needs of civil services, state civil services, national eligibility test, undergraduate, postgraduate of university students, all are fulfilled by mastering a single book. This book is also for philosophers, researches and academic professors of the world. The author’s own views concerning different issues of Indian philosophy are provided at the end of each subject. His approach may be termed as integral humanism which looks at all aspects of a problem and views it from a humanist view point.

Dr. Manish Venupal Maheep was born on 11th February 1978 in a small village Jamrehi of District Jalaun (Orai) in Uttar Pradesh, India. He is a versatile genius and a legendary figure of India. He has authored several books. A person of various qualities, he is a poet, script writer, photographer, historian, freelancer, journalist, ideologist, philanthropist, philosopher, political thinker, social activist, social scientist, researcher, personality development coach, motivational speaker and legal advisor. He has achieved 13 academic degrees in various subject and 2 post graduate diplomas. He has also received 2 fellowships of UGC & ICPR with 6 prestigious awards along with publishing 40 research papers in different reputed journals. Currently, he is working as an advocate and freelance writer while pursuing D.Lit research work in Indian culture.

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"The Blue Sea Of Thaar" By Notorious Nytili

Sierra was unable to find a mate. At the age of 26, she was still single and had resigned to the fact of her relationship status. Yet, she was struggling to match pace with others in her quiet, monotonous, and lonesome life. She falls in love with Rukmi, a shopkeeper at her grandfather's local grocery store, who had been a working partner of the shop for the past decade. Sierra, unaware of the arrangement between her grandfather and the handsome Rukmi, finds it difficult to mend things with the imposing and handsome employee-turned-active business partner after getting married to him...

I write fiction and love romance to create more scope for emotional variation in my self-created dream world. I have been writing for a while now, and I desire to write to entertain my readers.
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"A Small Handbook On Living Life" By Mrs. Remona. C. Concesso

This is a small handbook on how to live a happy and contented life. The author has shared the ways and techniques that she has followed in her own life and would like each person reading this book also to benefit. Live Life Don’t Just Exist!
Mrs. Remona C. Concesso has spent more than two decades in the corporate industry. She has worked with various industries like manufacturing, networking, and education. She has excellent listening and questioning skills, the ability to quickly bond with clients from different backgrounds, and the ability to inspire and motivate clients to achieve their goals.

She is a self-believer, a self-motivated person and shares her experiences to those around her to help them achieve higher potential in their professional and personal lives. Her experience in interacting and addressing the needs of the people with whom she interacts has provided her in-depth knowledge of culturally diverse people, values and behaviors, which, in turn, makes her a people’s person. She is a motivational and personality development trainer and she believes in mindful living, which has helped her in her own life. She encourages her readers and clients, both young and old, to have a meaningful and happy life, to be self-motivated and live a fulfilled life.

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"Reminiscences" By Geetika Bansal

“And when I die, Just leave a pen in my hand I want to tell the world How death tastes like…” ‘Reminiscences’, Geetika Bansal’s debut collection of poems, is a confessional compilation of all of life’s experiences with incessant cycles of misery, mystery, and healing in it. Benevolently weaved, each quote takes you on a journey unknown.

Geetika has been writing since the age of eleven. Her father has been her greatest motivator. He has always had a keen interest in literature and she has been brought up having a huge library at home, which her father has till now kept neatly. She believes in mystery, magic & madness, and that life is surreal, with the only escape being inking it out on a piece of paper. She believes books have certain aromas attached to them, which she can very well sense every time she picks up a book.
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Wednesday, 6 November 2019

“Yum n' Hum” By Chandana Pochiraju

The cookery book, Yum n Hum, showcases smart and special vegetarian recipes, which taste best when shared with family and friends. The recipes have been explained in a simple language. The book opens with mouth-watering snacks and appetizers, before delving into the main course and finishing off with delectable desserts. It also has entire sections devoted to sandwiches and accompaniments. It is an ideal gift and an asset to your kitchen. 
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"The Devil's Way" By Samrat Das

Reading this might perhaps make you wonder precisely how this book is going to help and do justice to the time you are going to invest in it. So here’s a glimpse, to help you decide when you want to read it.
Be it in health, wealth, or relationships, everyone wishes to have the life they really want, but somehow they can’t. What stops them? Is it their luck? Or is it something that they are unknowingly doing to sabotage their own success? Such is the story of Raj, a 26-year-old guy who is not happy with his present life. He feels that God has been unfair to him. Out of frustration, he loses all hope and motivation to live. But then, suddenly, one night, to his horror, an extraordinary life-event unfolds, which rattles him to the core, jolts him out of his present life situation and puts him on course towards the life that he had always dreamt of.
Read on to find out what happened, and get to know "the way" to turn your life around and get the life you want.
Samrat Das is an Author, Speaker, Peak Performance Strategist, and Trainer, who helps men, women, and children to get the life they really want. Be it in their health, wealth or relationships, he uses a gamut of robust NLP mind processes, social panorama techniques and practical coaching strategies at his disposal, to bring about the desired change in his clients’ lives. He is on a mission to help, enrich and empower the lives of 10000 people, in the next five years, through his one-on-one sessions, online and on-location workshops.

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"Physics (Core Concept For IIT-JEE/NEET/ NTSE/ Olympiad)" By Sandeep Saini

The book has been written in informal, interactive style by large number of diagrams and graphs. This book has been designed to make the learning of physics as easy as possible, keeping the view in the requirement for competitive exams. Some of the distinguished features of the book are:

1. The book can be used as textbook competitive book.

2. The book contains short and simple definition of all the terms.

3. The book contains many diagrams. They are neat and well-labelled and can easily be redrawn by the students.

4. The book contains many graphs that help in understanding the concepts in depth.

5. The book contains all concepts in full depth with short and simple derivations.

6. The book introduces the arrow concept which helps in variation of one quantity with the others. These short and sharp techniques help in solving problems.

7. Refine your concept box contains-

            • Large number of theory questions, topic wise, which helps in building the concept.
            • True and false on each topic to ensure the concept understanding.
            • Ample number of numerical problems of different variety.
            • Multiple choice questions are given topic wise to ensure success for the competitive exams.

8. The book contains subjective questions exercise that covers most of the board exam questions and numerical.

9. The book contains additional MCQ Exercise that will enable students to develop the aptitude of attacking and attempting new or modified questions themselves by applying the basic principle of physics logically.

10. The end chapter contains the MCQ that hit the previous years of various exam like NTSE (includes most of all the states), OLYMPIAD, and put the foundation of future competitive exam like NEET and IIT-JEE.

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"Beyond Our Melancholy" By ​Zeba Ali

Dream Catcher. It catches your bad dreams. But Fazal Bashir never wanted one.
Tasted the fruits of success quite early for his age, the billionaire Fazal Bashir is intrigued by the veiled lady of his dreams, who always begs for his help to save her. As it is proved, people close to God are tested; likewise, a new problem is waiting for Fazal which will force him to look into his past.

Beyond Our Melancholy is a young adult spiritual romance novel, a story which puts you on thinking about life and its intricacies.
Born and brought up in Maharashtra, India, 25-year-old Zeba Ali decided to break the stereotypes as she went to pursue her dream of writing after successfully completing her engineering degree. Writing spiritual romance for almost five years. Zeba’s presence can be seen on various platforms like Wattpad, Inkitt, FicFun, and Amazon. When she is not writing, Zeba likes to spend her time reading or with her family of four.

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"The Journey From The Gem Land" By P​​ERUMAL RENGANATHAN

This book gives almost a detailed description about my childhood life in Sri Lanka and the rest of the life in India later. The sufferings I had encountered in Sri Lanka and in India have been highlighted in this book. My struggle to study in childhood as described in the book in detail will draw the attention of the readers. It also speaks about the relationships in my family and also with my friends in Sri Lanka and in India. I indulged in lot of fun especially during childhood which also have been incorporated in this book. As I was born to a most economically backward family, I did not get the education in right time. Even then how I surpassed these hurdles have been mentioned here. My elder brother played the prime mover role to put me in regular school belatedly. I got admission in class 1 when my age was 10. If my brother would not have convinced my father, my education would have been doomed. I tried my level best to explain my naughty and funny activities, while residing in Sri Lanka. Once we had to face a man-made food crisis in Sri Lanka in 70's. How we suffered and came out of it has been described elaborately. In which spirit we celebrated the festivals in Lanka has been briefed to the taste of the readers. The final journey of us from Lanka to India has been illustrated in this book. While landing in India how we felt about the Mother Land and how we lead the life in the new habitat is described. Unfortunately, I lost my mother, just after six months of our migration to India. My education, employment career and unrest in family life have been described fully.

The author's name is Perumal Renganathan. He was born and brought up in Sri Lanka and he spent most of the childhood period over there. He faced a lot of hardships in his childhood there due to poor economical condition. Though he could not join in the school in right time he gathered the subject knowledge and English knowledge through tuition sponsored by his elder brother. At the age of 10 years, he was put in the regular school in class 1. He flourished in the studies thereafter. He witnessed the riot between sinhalese and Tamils in the year 1977 on ethnic issue of Tamils. He migrated to India in the year 1979 and continued his rest of the studies. He completed his diploma in in mechanical engineering in Trichy, with higher rank. He is now an employee in Eastern Railway and he is holding the post of Sr. Foreman.
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Website: http://www.prenganathan.com

"Mystic Mists" By Dr.Vaibhavi Pancholi

MYSTIC MISTS is all about treading on a path of self-revealing journey wading through the daily struggles of life. She enticingly takes you around altruistic countryside, up the life stairs, into the night with chirping stars, acquaints you with talking solitude, soaks you in eternal spring of happiness, sets fervent rendezvous with your soul revealing hidden truths and unfolding the closed petals of the eternal flower of abundance within.
It is all about realizing the love that you are and how much you can give rather than you seek.
Well, it calls for –

Dr. Vaibhavi Pancholi is a physician by profession but poet by passion only. Literature is her another world apart from patients and though she started out on this journey very young, about when she was ten, she got an opportunity to enliven her coveted dream now. She welcomes you all in her world tucked away in MYSTIC MISTS. So, what are you waiting for? Love awaits you here.
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Website: http://vaibhavipancholi.in/

"The Changing Face Of India" By Ishrat Umar

Various political dispensations have always claimed entitlement over India and her people on the back of electoral mandate over the past several decades since India attained Independence. However, India has been denied its rightful place in the comity of Nations when measured on the critical index of human, economic & social development. This book is a vivid account of the progress made by India under the watch of various political parties & questions the glaring loopholes in our development story which they have left behind for the future generations to fill.

Ishrat Umar is a homemaker & a part-time author. As a responsible citizen, she is aware of her duties towards India but also wants to question the status quo.

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Website: https://ishratumar.com/

"The Memories" By Prathamesh Nalawade

Life of a college student separated by a thin layer of discomfort that shows up in the mid-way. Mark is seen getting held up in life once again after a catastrophic incident which shakes him to the core. His friends try to help him forget everything but it may take some time for him to adjust to the new problems that surface after ‘it’. Anveshaa is carrying out her father’s dream which she wants to fulfil no matter what. Even if it means leaving memories in the past so that she is free to focus on her future. Kiaan, a wildlife photographer tries to recollect the old memories of his childhood that he spent with his ‘guardian angel’. Sometimes things aren’t in our hands, so better accept whatever life serves us. Veronika is enjoying her sweet life when all of a sudden opportunities present, demanding the strongest and wisest version of her. She recalls her Dad and the way he brought her up with unconditional love and affection which made her strong enough to survive life on her own terms. Every character is important for the furtherance of this story, be it a cameo role or the main protagonist. Every character is of prime importance. ‘Even a small pinprick can cause enough damage to draw blood, so why not characters albeit playing small roles lead us to the main plot itself.’ Every character has a dream they want to fulfill. Either small or large, but will they be able to achieve them? "The Memories" will guide you through their experiences in life.

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"Mr. And Mrs. Riya Rohan" by Uday Jordan

About the Author:
Sindhu Reddy currently lives with her husband in South India. She loves to write stories for the little changes in our thoughts that bring a lot of changes in our society.

About the Book:
Riya is a girl who always keeps hope for her future.

Rohan is boy who spends his life with the fear of his past.

How this future and past live in the present?

Mr and Mrs Riya Rohan.

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Tuesday, 5 November 2019


How would you look at a game, if you are both the referee and the player, at the same time?? The author leaves in one such world, experiences it as a participant, yet analyses it as an onlooker. The result is ‘Haashiye Par Se’ – a beautiful artistic compilation of words and phrases in the form of
66 Hindi Poems. It presents various societal aspects and facts through an impressive mixture of ‘black & white’ and
the ‘colourful spectrum’. The readers will connect to the poems – poems that are as modern as the old classical. For the Hindi Sahitya Lovers, this book is a must-read. They would love to witness some unconventional use of words and phrases to express the very conventional.
A grandiose journey of ‘Hindi Sahitya’ along with astonishing ideas and perception awaits you. Don’t miss it.

Randhir Chandra Goswami holds a rebellious mind with belief in coexistence and his poems are glimpses of his thought process.

Born on 05-01-1949 in a small village of Jharkhand, he had a propensity for writing since childhood, but his pursuit of ‘Shaitya’ was held back by lack of motivation and encouragement. He penned down his first poem – ‘Taash Ke Mahal’ at the age of 20, in 1969. Completing his graduation from St. Columbus College, Hazaribagh, he went on to work as an assistant at Bokaro Steel Plant, SAIL. His duties in a joint family and his job rarely spared him time for writing. Still, though at erratic intervals, he continued writing. Few of his poems were previously published in the magazines have received encouraging acclaims and compliments.
Awarded with various titles such as ‘Saahitya Kala-ratn aur Saahitya-Vid Samman’ by Saahitya Sarovar Sirugappa, Karnataka, ‘Kaavya Sarovar Evam Kaavya-Samrat Samman’ by G V Prakashan, he is a writer who writes to express rather than to impress and anticipates that the reader can connect to his writings, the very essence of his poems.

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"Way To Ultimate Bliss" By Deepak Shree

"Way To Ultimate Bliss" is the English version of the Hindi book “एक अनुभूति परमानंद की” (EK ANUBHOOTI PARAMAANAND KEE) with some additions. It is an experimental book on spirituality. It will make us find out some truths and help in the brainstorming of complicated questions to achieve ultimate bliss. God is almighty, then how He would make useless things or allow anyone to make unnecessary things. This universe is flawless. If it is surviving, then it means that there is no error or flaw in this universe. Nothing is wrong, and nothing is right. So, lust, anger, greed, hostility, sin, etc. are not useless things. Then why to mourn or repent, why love or hate, why feel sorrow or happiness? Why not - only Ultimate Bliss!!!!. This book also helps us to assimilate that if we analyze the situation in totality, then we will neither praise nor complain about anyone or anything. It will rectify our past along with the present and future. This book would be very relevant to get ultimate peace in worldly life.

The Author, Deepak Shree, was made available for a diploma in Mechanical Engineering before making a degree in Civil Engineering. After this rare combination of two engineering streams, he was also made available for a Master’s degree in Structural Engineering from Delhi University followed by a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree in Disaster Management. By profession in the present life, he has been made employed as an officer in an organization. In addition to these, hundreds of engineering diploma and degree holders were not only made educated but also exchanged spiritual thought and ideas with them by the author. After having faced a lot of worldly ups and downs in life and analyzed these in engineering and administrative ways towards the reality of life, the Creator has provided the author, Deepak Shree, this spiritual outlook to write this book.

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Website: https://deepakshree.in/

"The Illusion Called Democracy" By Parth Kakkar

Parth Kakkar is a secularist whose maternal home is in a Muslim dominated city, schooling was from a Catholic school, high school was a Sikh college, and is a Hindu by birth. He adores people of all religions and no, he is not running a political campaign.
He is a national swimmer and school topper who completed his B. com (Honours) from the University of Delhi and his Post Graduation Diploma in International Marketing from Delhi School of Economics.
He has been certified by CBSE for outstanding merit performance and being among the top 0.1% students in English in India.
He was the only one ever who was in the student council, was issued three badges, was suspended and issued two disciplinary cards and was still everyone’s favorite.
He is prominent among people and has been nicknamed, ‘Tpk’, short for The Parth Kakkar.
He always stands out.
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Website: https://authortheparthkakkar.com/

"हू केयर्स ? अ क्वेश्चन फॉर सोसाइटी" By Prashant Chauhan

This is the story of Adibya. A girl who wants to live a simple life and who loves her family very much. But there are two other people in his life besides his family who completely change his life.
In ‘Who Cares?’ I welcome you all. It is the story of Adibya, Anshika and Rishi who try to change the thinking of the society which might not be there in the society while struggling with the difficulties in their life. Will Adibya, Anshika and Rishi be able to convince the society that if we do not warn today, tomorrow it will be even more frightening?

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"Theory Of General Studies" By Ramjee Kumar

The author is glad to present this book which consists of topics on the Geography of India and the World, Indian Constitution, Modern India, Biology and Environmental Science. It covers the entire syllabus which is essential for the students. the content of this book is highly relevant. Any suggestions from the readers are also most welcome.
The author of this book is the founder and director of Ambedkar IAS.Com. The author has a B.A. (Political science) Delhi University, M.A. (Hindi) Delhi, I.T.I (Electronics), and a PGDESD (Post Graduate Diploma in Environment and Sustainable Development).
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Website: http://www.authorramjeekumar.in/