Thursday, 31 January 2019

"Imperfect Marriages" by Manisha Kumari Deep

Dr. Manisha Kumari Deep has authored books like “Organic IT Infrastructure Planning and Implementation” first book on Organic Information Technology and “Popular Metaheuristic Optimization Techniques”. Some of her other works include “Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Leadership Style”, “Feasibility Study between Continuous Adaptive Risk and Trust Assessment and Organic Networks”, “Digital India Mission: Implications on Social Inclusion and Digital Citizenship” and “Cloud: DDoS, Blockchain, Regulations, Compliance”.
Her recently published Novel 'IMPERFECT MARRIAGES' has touched some of the difficulties that females in Indian society face. It is a story about an elderly couple and it revolves around their family and friends. This novel highlights the problems and challenges that women face in Indian society. This is not just a story but every part of it can be connected with what we see, hear or feel in our lives. This novel is for all the wonderful people who try to work things out and for those who are trying to create magic in their relationship. 

Monday, 28 January 2019

“Emotionally Autistic” By Manny S

Little fingers – the moment they start to move and try to grasp, that moment is the most precious moments. We shed tears of joy, they flow so freely making you wholesome. I am talking about when you give birth to your child – those little fingers, an inch long when they touch you. You feel on top of the world. Even when they are in your womb you feel them move around – the most beautiful gift given by God to humanity. The little finger that teaches you your very first signs. They teach you how to express yourself even when you can't talk, they become your speech. Nowadays these little fingers are moving with today's pace – they know how to use a mobile, laptop and other gadgets that we sometimes can't use so fast. Wherever you go, you see children, you automatically want to hold them or their little fingers. Little fingers when touched feel totally loved. Little fingers are speechless.

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Saturday, 19 January 2019

The Days By The Ganges – Rishikesh By Urvesh Bhatt & Hanisha Raghunath

We are proud to offer the debut work of authors Urvesh Bhatt & Hanisha Raghunath, The Days By the Ganges – Rishikesh, now available at E-commerce stores,, &

The Days By The Ganges – Rishikesh, is an enthralling tale of a solo travelling experience which turns a tourist to a wanderer. A beautifully narrated tale with gripping poems, serving a platter full of emotions, adventure & thrill.


A lot has been said about solo travel, but what exactly happens when you pack your bags to go to an unknown city all alone? The Days by the Ganges-Rishikesh explores this journey.

Every trip is different and is laced with unforgettable memories. Fatigued from his dreamy corporate life, the protagonist started his journey to recall the reminiscences of life. Little did he know that this small town would change his world upside down. There he was, smitten by the beauty of nature, ready to embrace everything which the city offered -- from the eternal peace of Ganga, to the escapade of rafting and bungee jumping. However, like all good things, this trip had to come to an end. But did he return? An intriguing bend unfolds the rest of the story.

In their travel book The Days by the Ganges- Rishikesh, authors Hanisha Raghunath and Urvesh Bhatt aptly capture the moments of anxiety, ecstasy, fear and glee, taking you on a virtual journey to the city where the Ganges flow.

Authors: Urvesh Bhatt, Hanisha Raghunath


Monday, 14 January 2019

Socio-Economic and Political Developments in Mizoram after the Peace Accord, 1986: Issues and Challenges

Seminar, Research & Publication Committee, Lunglei Government College, Mizoram organized a National level Seminar on February 8th 2018 in the Multipurpose Hall, Lunglei Govt. College. The Seminar was attended by hundred plus participants consisting of Teachers, students and Paper Presenters. The Book is a proceeding record of the Seminar. The Seminar aims through the active participation of scholars in and outside the State of Mizoram to highlight the changes and developments achieved by the young State along with the many issues and challenges the people needed to prepare for and adapt to. It is hoped that a clear contrast between the pre and post-Peace Accord conditions of Mizoram in terms of Social, Economical and Political scenarios can be projected in the seminar. Providing a platform for academicians, scholars and different stakeholders of a country to chalk out effective strategies to the various issues and challenges of socio-economic and political development of Mizoram for further development of the State is one of the many aims of the present Seminar.

Friday, 11 January 2019

“Escape Into A New World Of Science” by Shiva Deb

Dark matter does not exist !!

The picture below is a white napkin with some black dots on it. Consider all the black dots as stars and the napkin as fabric of space.

Now I place a clip exactly in the middle of the napkin. Consider this clip as a powerful force at the centre of a galaxy.

Now, if I rotate the clip, the napkin along with all the black dots present there will become twisted as shown in the figure below.

And the most important thing, if I rotate the clip further the whole napkin (space fabric) will start rotating with the clip including dots (stars) closer to the centre and dots (stars) far away from the centre, near the edges and that’s why stars revolve around their galaxy's centre at equal or increasing speed over a large range of distances. Now, if I carefully remove the clip, then the picture will look like this-

Don’t you think the above picture looks like a spiral galaxy !!

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