Friday, 27 March 2020

WEARING GREEN ” My Journey in The Indian Army” by Brigadier Parminder Singh(Retired)

This a true and factual account of the author's journey in the Indian Army. He was born in 1932 in haripur, a small town in the north-western frontier province of present-day Pakistan. His love for the army developed from watching troops go by during World War II on grand trunk road, a road next to his house. When Partition happened, his family, like many others, went through the trauma which brought them back to India virtually destitute. The author joined the National defence Academy in 1949. He, unfortunately, lost his right eye in an accident happened at the national defence Academy. He in spite of the loss continued and thrived with his career. His display of courage to persevere through the rest of the service with one eye speaks volumes. He was a directing Staff at the defence services Staff college Wellington and describes his teaching tenure as enduring while meaningful. His love of adventure took him to Para trooping, mountaineering and also to volunteer for 1971 indo-pakistan war. His mountaineering experience gave him an extraordinary chance to lead a police expedition along up-tibet border. His inspiring and vivid description of the Wars, operation vijay(goa), in do -China war of 1962, and indo-pakistan war 1971 highlights the adventure and the profession knowledge he displays in dealing with difficult situations and explicit narration of events. Throughout his autobiography, the author depicts a very colourful journey giving insights about his courage in every aspect of his career. Due to his family circumstances, he resigned from the army as a Brigadier, at the height of his professional career. The author is extremely grateful to the Indian Army for providing wonderful opportunities and important life lessons

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My Illusion My Mistake by Akshat Jain

Couples around the globe marry when in love. But in some parts of the world, and especially in India, the term ‘Marriage’ is quite confusing. In India, ‘Love’ and ‘Marriage’ are thought to be two completely different entities. They can’t exist together. If somehow they do, then the tedious process of bridging the gap between love and marriage is even harder than getting the US work visa! However, love does exist in our land. Just before and after marriages. But only the latter is legal and accepted.
Life is quite ironic in so many ways. It takes sadness to know what happiness is, noise to appreciate silence, and absence to value the presence of someone very special. But the story you are going to read is quite different.
Welcome to My Illusion, My Mistake, the story of Mansi and Manav. They are from different parts of the country, love each other, and want to get married. But this doesn’t happen… Yes, parents, customs and other illogical logics don’t allow them. Their love was at its peak, but Mansi’s family, being overly conservative and concerned, arrange her marriage with an NRI living in the U.S. and working for Wipro. Manav is devastated. He feels his life slipping out of his hand, and leaves his lucrative job in a premier software company, falling into a black spiral of depressive days.
After many months, Manav chances upon another girl of the same custom and religion as him in a corporate fair. His life goes through a lot of twists and turns after that.
Will he be able to rise from those dark days and nights? Will this girl help him? Only time will tell.

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Thursday, 26 March 2020

The Lilt of Love and Life by Geeta.S.Upase

The Lilt of Love and Life' is an anthology written by Geeta S. Upase. This congregation of fifty poems is an amalgamation of traditional and modern poetic values, pertaining to nature, love and day-to-day trifles, beauty, parental affection, womanhood, loneliness and sanctity of life.

R.I.Ijeri (Bilingual poet)

Few of her lines illuminate the essence of life,
The world enlightened with
peace and prosperity,
Where no religion divides,
Where no animosity exists,
Where no woman is subjected
to gender discrimination,
Where all have calm equipoise mind,
to experience the eternity of life.

(Geeta S. Upase)

'The Lilt of Love and Life' explores the beauty of nature, love and life. Each verse weaves stories of the universe that readers will thoroughly enjoy.

- Shiny Hoque, Community Manager

About The Author:

"Geeta S. Upase, a postgraduate in MBA (HR) is self-employed and a social activist.

You can address her as a poetess, writer, humanitarian, homemaker, an activist or just a human. Geeta S. Upase aspires to be a writer for the essence of humanity; ready to raise her pen and voice whenever needed.
You may reach the author at

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Saturday, 21 March 2020

The Man Who Lived the Ages by Umair Siddique

One day I was crossing the road on foot. On my journey, I found a graffiti made on the wall with Chalk. It said, "One day you will tell your story to the world and when it happens, you will draw a part of change in people's life." I desire that The Man who lived the Ages becomes that story. A story about a person's life experiences, which he got, in a short period of time and to which you can connect somehow. An autobiographical fiction that leads to channelize reality and imagination on the same broadcast; telling you that 'Experiences does not demand years, they are learnt through hardships' P.S. :- I found none of those Graffiti but that is what makes us a writer. Do read the story of the world where you will find an intriguing environment, friendship, mystery, love, suspense, and even a war. A journey from how exciting it is to even get a name to how devastating it is when people forget your identity! And how thrilling it could be to get everything back?

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Friday, 20 March 2020

The Dawn and the Dusk by Amrita Roy

Silver Lining – Shikha and Rohan get entwined, and how!!! Taking the first initiative was not easy for Shikha, and as they enter the new phase of their lives together, something terrible waits to be revealed. Will they be able to unravel the problem? Will they be able to bear the pain? Will they recover with time?

A Lot Less Life – Trapped in a turbulent marriage, Tara clings on to the most beloved and most priceless feeling ever, but her dreams are drowned once again… and when humans break the rule of Nature, Nature has her own ways of giving it back. It may take time, but Nature always gives it back.

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Navras Laghu Kathayein by Anand Rege

Navras Laghu Kathayein is a bunch of short story collections through which the author uncovers the subtlety of happenings in life which impacts the life of a person at a large.

Kachhe, Doore o Antare by Dr. Seshadri Sekhar Bhattacharya

"Kachhe, Doore O Antare" is the author’s second book on travel stories. This book is about the author’s journey to different places of the Indian subcontinent over a period of 14 years. In this book, there are three sections based on geographical distance and cordial attachment. The first section is "Kachha-Kachhi," in which ten travelogues of nearby places have been included. The second section is "Doore-Doore," which comprises of nine travel-stories of distant places with diverse geographical characteristics. The third section is "Antara-Majhe," which includes travelogues of three distant places whose actual position is in the author’s heart. In the first section, readers will come across thrilling, enjoyable, and peaceful experiences in the forests, beside the seas, and in a few sacred places. In the second section, interested readers will travel along with the author to different states of our country to have the unforgettable experiences of deserts, backwaters, forests, and hills. Their experience will be richer after witnessing a few historical feats in some astonishing temples and majestic forts. The third section of the book is a bit special with its contents! It includes the thrilling experience of hard treks through high mountains in Garhwal Himalayas to culminate in two of the most sacred places on earth. In the end, the author will take the readers to his Dreamland to present them with the experience of the boundless beauty of Nature.

Author Dr. Seshadri Sekhar Bhattacharya is presently the Head of Microbiology Department of a famous Public Sector Hospital in Rourkela, Odisha, with a number of research articles in National & International journals to his credit. His passion has been traveling, travel photography, and writing articles on travel in his free time.

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Gunahon Ka Badshaah by Nirmala Thakur

"This story is heart touching. The story of pain, the passion for love, patriotism, patriotism, the crime-ridden and mysterious story is completely fictional. Since 2007 I have been writing in favor of God the father. I try to write on every subject. I also write poems and songs. Whatever I write, these are the thoughts that arise in my mind. The novel 'king of gunah', which I want to dedicate to the readers, is completely fictional. I request readers to read it. This novel is serious and full of adventure."

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The Inner Guru (A Book On Finding the Answers to Your Life) by Gurudath Kamath

Are you looking for clarity in your life? Are you still wondering why your life is not working out the way you want it to? The two most important days of your life are the day you were born and the day you figure out why. At this very moment, there are millions of people going through life with a lot of confusion in their minds and hearts because they don’t know the answers to the questions in their life. We need answers to find our life’s purpose, our passion, and to add meaning to everything in our life. All the answers and more will be available to us when we learn how to connect with our inner voice. To find the answers, we need to prepare ourselves to look at life from different perspectives of the past, present, and future. To arrive at these perspectives, one needs to ask oneself well-defined, constructive questions. These questions will allow one to gain a thorough understanding of oneself, thus giving rise to the inner Guru.

Gurudath Kamath is a life transformation coach and speaker who is trained under world-renowned life and business coach, Mr. Arfeen Khan. He is also an entrepreneur who runs an event management company in Bangalore, and an internationally acclaimed Disc Jockey for Digital Om Productions. Gurudath had to overcome several challenges in life, beginning with growing up away from his parents through his entire childhood, overcoming his addiction to alcohol and drugs, failed business attempts, and going into bankruptcy. After hitting rock bottom, he began his spiritual journey and traveled to various ashrams across South India in pursuit of the meaning of life. This book is a work of his experiences, encompassing both his spiritual and coaching endeavors.

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Thursday, 19 March 2020

You'll Not Understand by Mansi Rawat

I, The writer of the story, listened to it from the protagonist about his love life lob sang Kim, the protagonist, and vrishti Ahuja, these love both are in love, but never confess to each other. Feelings are strong, but what to do with doubts? But at last, one of them confesses, but it drives them apart, miles apart.

Mansi Rawat, the author of this book, belongs to Uttarakhand (Heaven on Earth), and was born and brought up in Faridabad, Haryana. She completed her 10th grade from Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Pauri Garhwal, and her 12th grade from Shreeram Model School, Faridabad. She is currently studying in Ramjas College, Delhi University. It was just the author's passion that pushed her to publish her work and share it with the world. This is her first publication, and she would love to keep this up with the love of her readers. She has not performed miracles to discuss about, but has dreamt of them. Mansi is just a young writer with a tiny world and not-so-tiny dreams. You can follow her on Instagram and Facebook for the rest of her write-ups and shower your love and blessings for great success. Instagram: @imansi01rawat.

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The Mount Sinai by K. Alamgeer

"The Pyramids are among the most remarkable technical achievements of human civilization. Ever since they were built by Pharaoh, the god-king of ancient Egypt, they have been source of wonder & amazement themselves-points to civilization of extraordinary richness and complexity. “The Mount sinai”a fiction of historical background, based on facts, presents the fascinating Science series of events that occurred between the great pharaohramasses-ii–; ruler of two states, the Builder of their most striking monuments, a great ancient city ramasses, royal tombs in the Valley of the kings; and a greatestprophet of that time named, Moses. Along with all these, this fiction of historical background by the author has exposed to readers The evidences discovered by the archaeologists, how Pharaoh ruled, which god-kings were the centres, the vast building programmes, of which the Pyramids were the part, extensive construction projects through esoteric techniques using millions of enslaved Israelites. And the practices of mummification and how were the dead bodies of the royal family preserved inside Pyramids, and what were their beliefs behind it. Do they still contain treasure in Chambers as yet to be discovered? Are their orientation &perportion keys to mysteries as yet only dimly percrived? And is there any convincing evidence for the widely held belief that a cures lies on those who Entre these premesis. Pharaoh became so powerful at this time on basis of own divine powers, the huge Army of anubis (humans with faces of the dreaded black jackals) and the powerful kingdom' Celestial Army, hedeclayredhim self among Egyptians “ I am your only God”. during his reign Egypt reach the heights of its power & prosperity. Then he boasted &again he boasted and turned aside from a pretext that had been passed on to him by a greatest Prophet and turned his back, and became one of the losers forever in both the world and was marked as example for the commercialization."

Author Mr. K. Alamgeer was born in U.P. in a middle class peasant family. Currently working as a machine design engineer in the Indian automotive sector. A company that designs, manufactures & install advance material handling & automation in assembly lines and manufacturing facilities.Along with this, used to writes science fiction.

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Makhana & other Aquatic Resources for Livelihood Diversification in Bihar by Professor Meera Mishra

"Makhana or gorgon nut is cultivated in the stagnant pools of northern Bihar, utter Pradesh, lower Assam, Manipur, Orissa,.Jammu and Kashmir etc. Its wild varieties are also found in Bangala desh, Japan, China, Russia etc. The makhana- fish combined cultivation provide sustenance to thousand of members of the fishing community. Makhana has nutritional and medicinal properties, and generates scope of improving cottage industries. Therefore, as there is a great export potential of this crop. The government of India has launched, several schemes on the crop. It is high time that steps were taken to boost our country economy by harnessing its natural resources to the optimum. The harvest of sadhana from the beds is an arduous task performed traditionally by fishing community. Thousand of stagnant pools spread over northern and North- Eastern India and abroad hold a great promise in this direction. The integration of ‘sadhana‘ with fish culture will definitely enhance the aquatic productivity, which will alleviate the income and economic conditions of the resources among poor farmers of the region. It is expected that this effort would fill in the gap existing in this field and shall be able to attract attention of the upcoming research workers, social scientist, agricultural scientists and planners etc.".
"Author- Prof. Saket Kushwaha Vice-Chancellor, Rajiv Gandhi Univ., Arunachal Pradesh and former Vice- Chancellor, Lalit Narayan Mithila Univ., Darbhanga, Bihar. Agriculture Economics, Agribusiness Management, Professor of Agriculture Economics (African and Indian Universities). Member Board of Management in JNKVU, Jabalpur, Member Governing Council, Association of Indian Universities (AIU), New Delhi. Member Standing Committees (AIMS) Patna, Bihar, Academic Council AIMS, Patna. Author Prof. Meera Mishra Served as Professor and Head of the Univ. Dept. of Sociology, L.N.M.U., Darbhanga out of which served as Univ. Professor twenty years and total teaching experience thirty nine years in Lalit Narayan University, Darbhanga Bihar. Achieved seven medals of her credit which includes ‘Mother Teresa Global Award’, ‘Indira Gandhi Award and Gold Medal’, Best Personality of India Award’, ‘Best Indian Educationist Award’, ‘World Medal of Honour’, ‘Dronacharya Award’. The book published entitled, “Samajik Paribartan Evam Bhartiya Nari”. Conducted U.G.C. research Project on Makhana. Fifteen research papers at national and International repute have been published of credit. Served as Member of Academic Council, L. N. Mithila Univ., Darbhanga. Twelve students awarded Ph.D. degree under supervision."

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The Shrieky Silence by Sreelekshmi J S

“To make them noticed, the unnoticed scenes and unheard words were painted with My creativity. “Carpe Diem” gives you the images of many seized days and moments. The society is a Canvas and we all are the painters on this decorous Canvas. The paintings may be different and imperfect but all of them have their uniqueness. Here, I am presenting My debut painting on anarchy, frustration, depression, love, deception and much more. Find the ‘ hidden you’ from these letters.”

Author Sreelekshmi J. S., whose pen name is Sahridaya, is a student doing her degree course in English literature. She lives in Kerala. Being the first writer in her family, she had to face many difficulties to come up with this work. This is her debut work and she hopes it to be powerful enough to touch the readers’ minds. The unspoken words of this society have found its place in this book.

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THE FIRE RINGS - The Red Konon by Mufaddal Aliasgar Bayadwala

The dark lord, Jaghtalaf, wants to preserve all his dark powers to rule over the planet, Deroon, which is the largest planet in the whole universe. And for that, he needs all his nine shorns (super natural souls) under his control, out of which one is missing. Even after a prolonged search for more than a thousand years, he is not able to find it. To prevent anyone from misusing it against him, he starts capturing all the kingdoms in search of it. And one of the kingdoms amongst those is Rajbad, ruled by Sultan Ibrahim Thodi. Before the war of Rajbad, Ibrahim writes a letter to Sultan Mohammed Tughur of Aumaria for help. But the Aumarians do not reply. So Ibrahim has to fight the war alone and face the brutal defeat at the hands of Samash (Jaghtalaf’s 1st shorn). To avenge her family, Princess Almas (daughter of Ibrahim) moves to Aumaria to know the reason for the letter’s negligence. In Aumaria, there are competitions for deciding the crown prince, in which Prince Miraan and Prince Kilaab end up tying for the crown. So the high priest Malekulashtar sets a new challenge for them, i.e., ending the dark empire of Jaghtalaf, which would start with getting a red konon and putting off its fire ring. Almas and Miraan’s friend-turned-foe, Mehlam, is told to accompany them. On the other hand, Someshwar – the burning man, gets a vision of the flying freezers who are in search of a blue axe as it belongs to them. They are even on the tail of a boy named Alaqmar. But Alaqmar does not know why. This story is all about why the flying freezers are following Alaqmar, who is this burning man, Someshwar, and how Miraan and Kilaab are able to get the red konon and put its fire ring off with the help of Almas and Mehlam.

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QUANTUM SPIRITUALITY by Valentina R. Onisor And Amit Goswami

“Could the great challenges of the world, and our lives, be solved through the wisdom of the past merged with the best science of today? The answer to this question is a resounding "Yes!" In Quantum Spirituality, Amit Goswami, PhD, and Valentina Onisor, MD, join forces to reveal precisely this connection and catapult us light years beyond conventional thinking when it comes to our capabilities, and our potential. In an intimate journey of easy-to-read science and true-life events, the authors demonstrate how the marriage of science and spirituality, and the cooperation of scientists and mystics, opens the door to a new world view. There’s something missing in the traditional human story. Only new thinking, based upon truthful, honest and factual discoveries that include direct human experience will reveal the potential of the new human story. Whether you’re an artist or an engineer, a homemaker or policy maker, this book is about you, your life, and every relationship that you’ll ever experience. This book should be required reading for everyone who has ever felt like there’s something missing in the mainstream view of us and what’s possible for us in the world.” — Gregg Braden, New York Times bestselling author of Human by Design and The Divine Matrix “Quantum Spirituality offers a brave attempt to unify the scientific and spiritual paths of existence. The authors point out that all too often we find ourselves in unhappy situations when we embark on one of the paths without considering the other—especially a problem in our separated scientific and current religious worldviews today. We need to take steps along both paths simultaneously—something that our quantum physics point of view explains how to do it.” —Fred Alan Wolf, PhD. (aka) Dr. Quantum, National Book Award Author of many books. Amit Goswami, PhD, featured in the widely seen "What the bleep do we know!?" and Valentina R. Onisor, MD, lauded for her Quantum healing and integration teachings, successfully demonstrate, using the latest paradigm of Quantum Science, that exploring the archetype of wholeness and integrating dichotomies are a quick and satisfactory path to spiritual enlightenment: quantum enlightenment. And Oh, yes: on this path you keep your authentic self to enjoy your enlightenment.

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Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Uncharted Stretch by The Spix

“Obsessions can take you into a world you cannot imagine!”
An old man at the sea for over 50 years trying to find the faintest clues of a creature. He strives to prove the obscure nature of its existence. An expedition filled inexplicable adventure, Uncharted Stretch is a story about how a bunch of fanatically enthralled people would follow their dream.

"I’d suggest, one should read the book to know me. Perhaps, that’d be the ideal way to connect. I will certainly try to put a smile on your face; so, let’s leave it on the story, shall we? “We All Are One”."- Author while talking about himself.

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Monday, 16 March 2020

The Mystic in the Land of Love by Bichitra Kumar Behura

The Mystic in the land of Love is a lovely creation that is bound to touch the hearts of readers. This compilation of poetry is a tête-à-tête with the author’s inner self—honest, personal and unhindered. From the outer layers of the physical world, he takes a dip to the subtle and metaphysical. This follows the poet’s two earlier publications in Odia—Ananta Sparsha and Lagna Deha. His quest for love has always been reflected in his poems and the waves of poetry flow from his soul effortlessly in a journey connecting the natural world around us, to an eternity within. His poems clearly indicate the state of his mind, which is always soaring high and his poems create such a connectivity with Almighty that you feel your body, mind and soul getting purified. His creations give you the feeling of purity, fulfillment and divinity. He writes from his heart. Simplicity, spontaneity and emotions are his hallmarks. His poetry is never tangled in the labyrinth of ornamental language. It has a natural flow and cadence, like an easy flowing rivulet.

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Friday, 13 March 2020


“The world has changed due to globalization, and human beings have changed due to digitization.”
The people of the world have become puppets in the hands of technology, internet, telecommunications, and visual media. This can be seen in all the sectors, including that of games and sports. The tornado of technology began in the 21st century; started by millions of talented minds. These two phenomenon—globalization & digitization, have transformed this world, bringing it to the palm of our hands. Human beings have become completely paralyzed because of these technological developments in the modern times. Games and sports are the only activities today that are undertaken in the real sense, that make us fit, fine, and healthy, round the year. So, the book - “Impact of Cricket on the Youngest Indian” is explicit in itself. Though, the book has been written in three parts keeping its essence for the readers. These are :-
A. Genesis of Cricket. Genesis of cricket as sport since 1597 in England. Details of first ODI in 1844 and first test match played from 15-19 March 1877 at MelbourneCricket Ground between Australia and England. History of Women cricket in the world and how Indians cherished cricket; discarding indigenous sports. Role of Coach is pivotal character; can be read in this part.
B. Impact of Cricket.Impact of cricket on youth Indian. Its pros and cons has been delved and brought under this part. Misappropriation of power, money and corruption in the BCCI may be the focal topic to study. Crazy of cricket fans and their attitude have been analyzed and brought into notice to the parents of such youth. Factual value and benefits of sports can be understood by reading this part.
C.Gist of Cricket.It includes Rules, Laws and summary of cricket.

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Management by Trust- Path of Success by M.P. SINHA

Management by Trust – Path of Success is based on actual achievements and real-life experiences of a Manager who will only be referred to as Manager M, to keep his identity and places of work confidential. During his expansive career in upper management, he was instrumental in turning around many companies from the brink of bankruptcy or shut down. He had personified many attributes of a successful manager, such as hard work, discipline, dedication, ’out of the box’ thinking, entrepreneurship, time management and led by example. He, however, believes that the foundation of his success was in motivating the employees under him and having complete trust in them. This book will follow his career with each chapter discussing the different challenges he encountered, lessons he picked up on, highlighting the practices that helped him come out successfully. This book is a humble attempt at sharing the pearls about Management that Manager M learned and practiced, in his expansive career, leading him to be known as the ‘Turn Around Manager’ in the industry. It is written, filled with anecdotes, lest the book becomes another dry instructional book on management. Hopefully, the book will inspire and nurture young managers in the journey of their chosen profession.

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Teri Meri Abhilasha by Garima Jitender

Thoughts in our life has great importance. Without thoughts one can not live a moment. Even our thoughts inspire us to do something in life. Whatever we can do in life, it can be possible only through ideas. There is something like this in our life that we are sometimes depressed, sometimes excited and sometimes even angry. Our life revolves around these thoughts. In this book, you will find poems based on the belief and thoughts which will make you aware of your thoughts. Hope you like this book.

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Wednesday, 11 March 2020

Linear Programming in Counselling by Utpaula Bhattacharya

I must start with a hackneyed scenario. Today nobody has time for anybody- parents for children or the other way around, teachers for children, spouses for each other. Life has become a single minded pursuit for a moving target called money with which to buy an even more elusive thing called happiness. If this is true then, where goes the fundamental need of every human being to talk-speak-share? Imagine a child in a school. The school can be of any standard, focusing on any social strata of society. She is subject to so much of stress of not only studies and future career but also of peer pressure to belong, to conform; pressure of meeting expectations of the parental matrix, stress of unexplained unresolved variance between what is said at home versus what is available via the social media or for that matter any media. This book is a journey of a student counsellor into this world and her attempt at resolving the tangle in the minds of her counselees. It is narrated in a fictional format for the ease of readability and maybe an easier assimilation of the techniques used.
Paula is the pen name of the author. She is a student counselor by profession. In her career spanning over 30 years, she has counseled students, parents and teachers both one to one and in group sessions. She has delivered multiple talks on, inter alia, life skills, careers, interpreting success-failure and contextual response. This is her first book to record her work. She has already commenced her second book on the subject. Paula and her husband, are carrying this work into the Corporate world and will be penning their experience in their third book.
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Veer Pulwama Ke by Kusum Gandhi

An ode to the brave heart pulwama martyrs through the eyes of their dear ones.”Pulwama attack of 14 February 2019, One of the deadliest attacks in the history of India shook every heart to the core. ‘Vir pulwama ke’ is a collection of short poems full of emotions expressing pain for the loss of the brave heart soldiers who fell victims to the ghastly assault.

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Saturday, 7 March 2020

Nazuk Mann by Vipin Singh

"This book is a collection of poems (gazals) capturing every aspect of life - love, loss, desire, dreams. While this book is relevant for everyone, as the name of the book suggests, it specifically captures the emotion of sensitive people going through a tough time in their lives and gives them hope to move forward. This book not only captures the thoughts of the author but provides a perspective to see the world differently. "
Vipin Singh is entering the world of poetry for the first time. While the words are well known, his expression of thoughts is what makes him stand out from others. Vipin Singh was born in Greater Noida and currently resides in Ghaziabad. He studied Mechanical Engineering from Jamia Millia Islamia University (Delhi) and now working in the Government I.T.I as an Instructor.

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Research Methodology in Dentistry by Dr. Pragati Kaurani

Research methodology in dentistry is a comprehensive, clear and precisely written handbook for postgraduates, undergraduate dental students, PhD scholars, clinicians, faculty and anyone one who wants to pursue research in dentistry. The aim of the book is to fill the void that exists in finding the basic resource material related to research methodology particularly applicable to dentistry. The book uses simple language with diagrammatic and tabular representations wherever applicable, helping in making a clear understanding of all concepts of research methodology as applicable to dentistry. The content is organized systematically to felicitate clear understanding of the students. The content of this book is unique, covering all topics like research designs in dentistry, qualitative and quantitative studies, data collection methods, Sample collection methods, statistical tests and analysis, etc. Particular to the field of dental sciences. Examples are cited from all branches in dentistry for helping dental professionals in all branches of dentistry. The book has contributions by authors who are renowned in their respective branches, giving their expert insights in conducting dental researches. Step-wise explanation for conducting different procedures in research like formulating hypothesis, sampling, data collection, etc. Are covered citing examples from latest published dental articles to help in clear understanding of the topic and ease in practical conduction of a research. Overall, the book shall help dental professionals in understanding research methodology and conducting a research independently.

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Thursday, 5 March 2020


For over a decade now, the country has been witnessing rising disharmony in the lifestyle of youngsters, worst affected of whom are the aspiring students for higher studies. Love affairs, marital discord, social tensions, ideological conflicts among different faiths, castes, creeds, working executives, crimes against women, infanticide, etc. Are driving them to a state of desperation and frustration, birthing negativity. All of the above ills are considered as reasons for the development of psychological, physiological, and social conflicts and confrontations within relationships, society, educational institutions, working environments, and so on. A sense of solitude and desertion seems to be enveloping today's youngsters and teenagers, pushing them to the extreme end of life – suicide. This is attributable to the loss of self-belief coupled with the pressure to have an edge over others in competitive spheres of life. Another hugely disturbing factor is that school-going kids are resorting to extreme steps in life due to failure in examinations and other such disgracing circumstances brought upon them in general, mostly occurring in schools. They belong to a different age and, of late, their levels of sensitivity have sharply risen in their comparative self-analysis. The author, Prahalad Rao, is an ordinary person who believes in himself and God, the qualities of God as written in the holy scriptures and recited daily by all the faiths that insulate a person from becoming a victim of negativity and give new hope for appreciating the essence, purpose and meaning of life – to struggle and succeed. Struggling itself is a way of life for different people in different ways; it includes spiritual and physical, the combination of which creates a sense of self-respect – The foundation for human survival. The author found it obligatory to wake them up through the ways and means God has created for humans. The author believes the book will reawaken self-belief, self-faith, self-confidence, and self-conviction by sensitising oneself to what is hidden within one's self which can become a glow to appreciate life and the beauteous nature that enables the birth of positivity in life.

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Wednesday, 4 March 2020

Pyar Ka Safar by Mr. Sunil Goel

People will come, go,
Those who are new today, will become old tomorrow,
Some will get angry,
Some will be missed
Will get lost in the rush of time,
The same sequence will continue,
Will continue to come, history will continue to deteriorate.
Author Mr. Sunil Goel has been fond of writing poems and stories since childhood.
The compositions written by him keep coming on WhatsApp.
He did his MA in Economics. Degree is obtained. Poems and stories composed by him express the truths of human life. Readers feel as if a movie is playing in front of them.
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