Monday, 30 September 2019

"Dhruv And The Evil Magician" By Vishnu Chandra Bajpai

Prince Dhruv of the Kingdom of Avanti falls in love seeing the beautiful Princess Kamalini while on a visit to the Kingdom of Panchala. However, Zakar, the evil Magician, abducts the Princess. Dhruv vows to rescue the Princess from the clutches of Zakar. Will Dhruv and his friends succeed against the magic and guile of Zakar?

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Friday, 27 September 2019

"​Story Of A Soldier​" By Ganesh Tarekar

For almost 70 years now, India has been withstanding terrorism and imposed wars. Thousands of soldiers from the Indian Army have sacrificed their life to safeguard their nation. After independence and until the Kargil war of 1999, 25,942 soldiers from the Indian Army sacrificed their life for the nation, to honor them; a national war memorial has been constructed in New Delhi. Even after all these, India has been successful in establishing peace at an international level.

I had the opportunity to serve the Indian Army for 17 long years. I consider myself lucky for getting this opportunity. After retiring from the army, I also had a chance to work with the US Army, in Afghanistan for 2 years. After this, for 4 years I worked as an MSO (Maritime Security Officer) in the Merchant Navy.

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Thursday, 26 September 2019

"Why I Don’t Drink Milk? The Milk Theory" By LALTHARA

In this book, the author writes about his ground-breaking and revolutionary idea about milk, or his ‘milk theory’, which explains in a logical and convincing manner why he does not drink milk, or why he thinks milk is not to be consumed by grownups. After hearing his talks, many people have given up milk completely. A few excerpts from his milk theory are: The way milk is made by a mother’s body clearly shows it is meant for her new born baby only; and the drying up of milk flow in a mother’s body soon after weaning the baby is further proof of this fact. After the weaning is done, no mammal ever drinks mother’s milk or others’ milk again throughout life. Other mammals know by instinct when they are to drink milk, and when they are not to drink milk. They know through instinct what is food for them, and what is not; and that what is not food for them, is not good for them. All mammal babies lose their ability to digest milk soon after the weaning is done - due to the drying up of lactase enzyme in their stomach - and all of them know this fact by instinct. This is the reason they never go back to drinking milk. Since there is undisputed logic and wisdom in creation, there is no reason why a grownup mammal would need milk at all. This can be seen from examples of wildlife, which are stronger and healthier than man, even without ever consuming any milk after being weaned. Animal instinct is God’s silent voice, through which He guides all his sentient creations and this instinct never goes wrong. "Milk is the biggest myth of the present millennium," says the author. "Milk is not merely food, but mother and child reunion, and a there is no room for a third party in this union," says the author. "As per the scheme of creation, a lactating mother produces only that much of milk required for feeding her own babies. It is morally and ethically wrong to take away that milk for the consumption of grownups who don't even need it" says the author. "Cattle industry is a significant contributor to global warming," says the FAO Report 2006. Many doctors now say milk is the cause of many ailments, and unsafe for human consumption (at Appendix 1 of this book)

Lalthara, (b 1953) is Mizo IAS officer of 1975 batch (Nagaland cadre). After 38 years of service in the IAS, he retired as Chief Secretary of Nagaland in the end of the year 2012; after which he served as Sr Principal Secretary-cum-Adviser to 3 consecutive Chief Ministers of Nagaland for almost 5 years. Lalthara, hailing from Reiek village in Mizoram, belongs to a rural family. He is an environment enthusiast and nature lover. He is deeply concerned about the destruction of the earth’s ecology by man in our blind pursuit of what we see as civilization and development. He believes that the best way to deal with the hosts of environmental and health issues being faced by the world today, including global warming and lifestyle diseases is to respect nature and its laws and to adjust our lifestyle and our diet in sync with nature, or the scheme of creation. This line of his thinking is the origin and the foundation of his ‘milk theory’ as well.

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"The Mysterious Date" By Pooja Atul Kokanthankar

Embark on an entertaining, delightful and enthralling journey with four college friends; Sameer, Swati, Ruchi and Jyoti, who are on a road trip from Mumbai to Pune after nearly a span of five long years. As the journey commenced, the four recalled and reminisced the golden college days and how a bizarre invitation changed their lives drastically. Back in college, eight years ago, a mystery caller cordially invited them for A DATE. They assumed him to be a weird guy, but somehow he sounded very sincere and confident. Though initially they dropped the idea, but out of curiosity decided to meet him. At the venue, the host puts forth a unique proposal; Five days, a few hours could change your lives. This small piece of news electrified them, they wholeheartedly accepted it but unaware of the fact that diverse, unimagined disclosures, mysterious twists and turns laid ahead.

Pooja Atul Kokanthankar was born in Bangalore and completed her Bachelor’s degree (Psychology Hons.) from Jai Hind College Mumbai and Master’s Degree in Organization Behaviour from Manav Rachna International University (MRIU), Faridabad. Her debut book titled Tulsiwadi- An Extraordinary Village was published in 2018 currently available on all market places of Amazon. She is a certified Graphologist (Handwriting Analyst), presently working as a freelancer and has successfully helped more than 3000 individuals to bring about a positive change in their lives just by changing certain strokes of their handwriting. Currently, she resides in New Delhi with her parents.

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“The Clock Is Ticking” By Yashraj Ahuja

The Clock is Ticking is an insight of the life of the author who is suffering with anxiety and other mental illnesses. Granted a new perception of the world after a rough break-up in his teen life, the author has outlived the ideology and beliefs of a teenager. Every new page of this book is a anxious thought inside the author’s mind. Strangled between letting go and moving on, the author shares his sorrows and opinions through his mystical words. The author includes his questions about the world through poetry and wonders if anyone has answers to it.
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Wednesday, 25 September 2019

"Band Aankho Me Anshu" By Asha Rani

(It is a story of all phases of struggling women and spread the love ) when you start understanding us. then you will fall in love with us no need for heart permission" no time to understand anyone. whenever you begin to understand the moment of living life in detail" then you will fall in love with us. It is a sad romantic story between Raghav and Bhavana & also in this book" Bhavana expresses romantic feeling to Raghav with poetry.

She has done her BA (HONS) History From ISHWAR DYAL BHAGWAT PRASAD SINGH COLLEGE, GARH NOKHA, Bihar and has done her BA LLB PART- 1 & 2 From RPS Law College, Patna.

Her works, which are very close to the feelings and concepts of life, easily touch the readers’ hearts, and probably also make them feel very close to her because they are not just working full of blank fantasies, but truthful accounts of life’s varied experiences and bittersweet memories.

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Monday, 23 September 2019

"The Anonymous" By Nidhi Kukreja

“My Love You look hot when you run!” When she read the letter written with blood, she gasped in horror. The protagonist Natasha, was a content editor by profession and was living a peaceful life in the suburbs. However, an unsolicited event made her a nyctophobic— someone suffering from post-traumatic stress. And while recovering from her trauma, she started receiving creepy letters from a stalker turning her into an ‘avenging angel’ mode. Nevertheless, her life again changed completely when she met Siddharth in a hospital. He was a fun-loving and a handsome hunk whose life was a perfect mess around alcohol, drugs, and one-night stands. But after meeting Natasha, he developed a captivating interest for her. Will Siddharth be able to catch up or will it rip them apart? Will Sid be able to convince Natasha that he’s the one for her? Will he support her to find the culprit? "Hello, Don't put the book down just yet, Pick it. You are welcome to my world." -The Anonymous

Nidhi Kukreja, Hails from Hisar, Haryana. Since school time, she was into sports and participated in tournaments and other writing and speaking events. For her participation always motivated her to express her words. She started writing what her heart has to say in her diary name ‘Amoha’ She is also into arts and creative work. She is a chocoholic and snow lover and she loves traveling and exploring places. During her journey till here she has worked with Pantaloons and as an Assistant Professor. It helped in shaping her personality and given a new vision to her work and career. She has done Fashion Designing in graduation and being a fashion designer and MBA gold medalist, she diversifies her interest in many sectors which keeps her updated and she comes up with always new things. She is a marketing professional in a nationalized bank and a speaker at educational institutes. She writes for her organization and her first debut novel was published in January 2019.

To follow the author”

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"Not a Fairy tale" ​By Monika Bharti

"Oh God, it’s high time you do something about it. It’s not 1864 that he will court you for months and months without actually doing anything about it," Piya said exasperatedly. "Well, I like this, the courtship thing," Nikita said avoiding Piya’s stern look. "This isn’t a fairytale," Piya said. Nikita always believed in fairytales and romance, like it’s depicted in books. But then reality set in and she faced ups and downs making her belief in fairytales fade away. Will she ever believe in fairytales again? Does her prince charming actually exist? Will she find her true love in the face of this reality? Or will she settle for an arranged marriage and forget it all?

Monika Bharti was born on 24th May, 1990. She completed her schooling from different cities in Maharashtra like Mumbai, Nashik, Aurangabad and Nagpur as her father was an IPS officer from the Maharashtra cadre. After completing her 12th from Shivaji Science College, Nagpur, she moved to Delhi and did her B.Tech and MBA from Amity University, Noida. After working for almost two years in the corporate sector, she is presently doing her doctorate and has published a few research papers in national and international journals. She is a regular blogger and also writes poetry.

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Friday, 20 September 2019

“ KURU RASHTRA KE UTTARADHIKARI “ – by Biranchi Narayan Muduli

यह कथा आपको जय संहिता (महाभारत ) में नहीं मिलेगी, परन्तु यह कथा जय संहिता की हि है... प्राचीन समय में भारतवर्ष के उन्नत और विशाल महाजनपदों में जहाँ म्लेछ अपनी शक्ति और घुसपैठ बढ़ा रहे थे, वहीं दूसरी तरफ बुद्धिजीवीयों में हो रहे विश्वासघात के कारण प्रत्येक महाजनपद गृहयुद्ध के कगार पर था |
यह वह समय था, जब भारतवर्ष का सबसे सम्पन्न और धनी महाजपद हस्तिनापुर अपने स्वर्णिम समय को भोग रहा था, जहाँ का राजकुमार सुयोधन अपने चचेरे भाई भीम पर अपने प्राण न्योछावर करता था, और पारिवारिक समस्या होने के उपरान्त भी वह कुंती के पुत्रों को प्रत्येक राजसी सुख देना चाहता था, वह किसी के ऋण से बंधा हुआ था, परन्तु परिस्थितियों ने दोनों को अलग अलग स्थान पर लाकर खड़ा कर दिया था, जहाँ अब वह भाई नहीं शत्रु बन चुके थे और इसी प्रतिशोध की अग्नि को साक्षी मानकर अर्जुन ने भारतवर्ष का महान धनुर्धर बनने का निर्णंय लिया |
क्या सच में अर्जुन चरम योद्धा की उपाधि प्राप्त अतिमहाअतीरथी की तरह प्रत्येक युद्ध में लड़ता था? ..... क्या मत्त्स्य प्रदेश में बनने वाली भारतवर्ष की सबसे मजबूत तलवारों की सिंधु प्रदेश हड्डपा में हो रही तस्करी को अर्जुन रोक पाएगा?.... जिसके पीछे दुर्योधन का अपना राजनयिक स्वार्थ छुपा हुआ था...अर्जुन भारतवर्ष के संसद में इसे उचित कैसे ठहराएगा? या फिर भाईयों में हो रहे मतभेद और षड्यन्त्र इस भूमि को किसी अनदेखे युद्ध की तरफ धकेल देगा?

Wednesday, 11 September 2019

"शिखरों का क्रन्दन" By Kamala Sharma

"Shikhron Ka Krandan" is a compilation of stories. This compilation is an amalgam of five different plots. Based on the beautiful and serene Uttrakhand, these stories give us insight into the struggles of the women from the Mountains. Every tale is penned to bring forward the hard word, courage, and scuffle of women. Not only this, the stories channel us through the enchanting and scenic Uttrakhand. This compilation is a wonderful source of information if one needs to learn about Uttrakhand, its beauty and its cultures.
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"Rabindranath Tagore- Best Short Stories" By Manav

This book contains the translations of classic stories, particularly short stories written in Bengali by the prolific and versatile author and Nobel Laureate, Rabindranath Tagore (1861-1941). The dowry system, illusion and superstition, and their evil impacts on human life and the Bengal region (now West Bengal and Bangladesh) are some of the striking themes that Tagore has beautifully dealt within these stories. While reading this collection of short stories, the reader will also come across some other issues like the caste system, selfishness, and selflessness, deception, love, etc., which prevailed in the time period Tagore lived in.

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"The Chess Secrets" By Alankar Bist

This book delves into the pre-basics and basics of chess. The Chess Secrets offers easy to follow, step by step guide for beginners.
No more will the mysteries of the world’s number one mind-sport, chess, confound you! Through this book anyone, child or adult, will learn a lot and get ideas, enabling them to reach the next level in their chess-playing skills!
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Sunday, 8 September 2019

“Con-un-fessions” by Divya Sharma

 The world and the air it breathes, vaporized with zillions of emotions and feels, Have lot to say. Things once said, Left UN heard. Unknown devotions, Pertinent to be known. Power within, Important to hold, Sometimes to unfold. This is what, it is all about ‘Confessions’ of the things not known, and not a confession for the things already known- “Con-(un)-fessions”.
Divya Sharma is from Jammu, India. She is presently a banker and an author. Having faced hardships in her childhood and bullying in school/college, she realized that she had a lot to share. She wants to tell the world that her sense of feeling a little too much, has made her a person who would catch ‘feels’ in the form of poetry, in everything she witnesses or stumbles upon. She loves writing as to living. “Con-(un)-fessions” is her first book that she is sharing with the world.

Follow her work online:-

Instagram: ds.writes
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Friday, 6 September 2019

"Esstorlogue" By Hari Singh

The book, Esstorlogue, is a collection of essays, stories, and travelogues. Some essays are objective whereas some are subjective, though the elements of each other have often crossed their boundaries. Stories are often taken from rustic life of far off villages which were devoid of amenities. Relations in a combined family which are now breathing their last can be perceived in the story. The three travelogues which are narratives of experiences of the author when he took his journey to the South, to the East and to the West, show the different lifestyles and cultures of India. The views are totally personal, although the remarks have been as far as possible kept objective. In writing essays, the writer finds himself a little tense whereas, in stories, he feels somewhat at ease. He has to take care that every effect has some cause and in weaving the plot, he has to see that no unwanted threads appear on the surface. The author has tried to draw the word picture of the scenes of different places that he had toured to fill in the gap of the real pictures which could not be possible in absence of a handy camera or an Android phone. The genre is non-fiction but the readers will take enjoyment like that of fiction.
The author is a retired principal of an Intermediate College in UP. He took to profession of teaching at a very early age of 19 just after completing his graduation in Science (Maths). Since then he has always been in the academic field either furthering his qualification or improving his technical skill in the field of pedagogy. He did his M.A (English) from Agra University and Graduation in Education from Mumbai University. After serving in various schools for about 43 years he worked as Director of a Public School in Varanasi. Finally, he served as a visiting Director of a Degree college in Jaunpur. During his teaching profession, he has been giving his views on different topics in different newspaper like The Pioneer, The Aaj, etc.

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"Mutthi Bhar Kshitij" By Sharmila Chouhan

Sharmila Chouhan, in addition to being the author of ‘Mutthi bhar Kshitij’, is a poet and teacher. Born and schooled in Raipur, Chhattisgarh she now resides in Thane, Maharashtra.
‘Mutthi bhar Khsitij’ is a compilation of thirteen stories that hero charismatic yet poised women from varied geographical and societal divisions.
The remarkably descriptive writing pulls its readers into the colorful existence of everyday females who are passionate dreamers, powerfully elegant and inspirational. This book is a celebration of a sky full of hopes meeting with her grounded realities, at an endless glowing horizon.

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"Phuhaar The Drizzle" By Neeru Agnihotri

Cut her open She bleeds poetry Phuhaar- The Drizzle is a poetic voyage of ineffable human emotions souring high in serene supernal. Let’s dive into the ocean of love, warmth, pain, pleasure, and positivity. It’s so soothing to read heart-warming and heart-breaking poetry; at the same time, just like love itself. Amidst the chaos of life We stood tall Facing all the troubles Slamming all the sorrows down Before reducing to ashes We all are living We all are alive.
Neeru Agnihotri (pen name - Neer Agni) an engineer turned author, is a literature and nature lover. She turned to poetry at the tender age of 15. Her poetry has been published and appreciated in various magazines and has gotten her many awards. Her initial work revolved mainly around love and positivity. Having learned from the experiences of life, she started writing about relationships, heartbreak, feminism and the beauty of nature. Love and romance, warmth and chills of relationships have always reflected in her poems. Being passionate about music, she plays the guitar too. And tries to sing as well. Being passionate about music, she plays the guitar too. And tries to sing as well.

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Thursday, 5 September 2019


‘Yes, I’m Mad: The Mystery of The Widow Queen’ begins with a coincidence, a matter of perfect timing, and ends with the spice of a heartbreak. It is about a craving for love which ultimately proves valueless for that lovely heart. It may be a story for the reader or a matter of business for the publisher or a game of profit or loss for the seller. But if someone asks the author what this story means to him, his answer is, with an expression of frivolity and a smile on his face, that this story is an excellent collection of words that represent the sobbing end of a faithful love and a fine articulation of the author’s pain; a perfect salt incarnation of a great story.
The author of this book, Amit Kumar Patra, is a naive, innocent in the cause of modesty, humble and patient person, who is okay with making mistakes and happy to face failure, always. He is 26 years old and hails from Jaypore, a small town of dist. Koraput, of state Odisha. The author aims to be an ideal citizen of his country, India. He maintains that one way to prosper that thought is to follow his love for collecting words and converting them into a stream of emotions to entertain every beautiful mind that likes sharing ideas. He dedicates this book to all those faithful people who believed in him and his dreams.

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"Yoga The Way Of Life" By Naorem Arjun Singh

Arjun grew up in a simple family. He had two big brothers. Since childhood, he’d had a helping nature. One day, he was playing football near his rented house with his friend. He was around 7 to 8 years old at that time. Suddenly, the ball rolled towards the pond; the pond was full of floating grass and he saw something moving. He found out that it was a child around 5 years old, struggling for her life. He knelt on the ground and held the arm of the girl. He put all his efforts to save her life. He didn’t have any idea about what he was doing as he could barely swim at that time.
His father left him when he was 14 years old and it was very hard for his mother to accept that her husband had suddenly passed away. His mother and father didn't have a government or a private job. His mother went through some health issues after her husband passed away. His mother found it very difficult to let all of her son's study. He and his two brothers were very close in age, therefore he could not get any financial support or advice for his career. He started working in the field, helping his mother as well. He went to the school when he got time. Through the grace of God, he was able to study further. He did a part-time job both in and outside the university and was able to finance his studies. Finally, in 2009, he completed his Masters of Science in Yoga from Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana, Bangalore, India.
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Tuesday, 3 September 2019

"The Chess Secrets" By Alankar Bist

This book delves into the pre-basics and basics of chess. The Chess Secrets offers easy to follow, step by step guide for beginners.
No more will the mysteries of the world’s number one mind-sport, chess, confound you! Through this book anyone, child or adult, will learn a lot and get ideas, enabling them to reach the next level in their chess-playing skills!

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“ Prayogic Vastushastra “ – by Shailesh Gupta

'Prayogic Vastushastra’ is a very dynamic book by Vastu expert cum civil engineer Mr. Shailesh Gupta. Prayogic Vastushastra makes a rational explanation of ancient cum modern perspectives of Vastu Shastra. It has been explained in a very simple and interesting manner that will be useful for engineering, architecture, interior designing, and students as well as practitioners and for all people. This book, by the name of Prayogic means, applied Vastu Shastra, proves that the knowledge given in this book can be applied in practical form in the building construction. All the subjects related to residential building Vastu has been described in easy language that can be understood by everyone. For peace, health and prosperity in life everyone should have some necessary and correct knowledge of Vastu Shastra.

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"The Summer That Lasted Forever" By Himansh

You never know who’s waiting for you at the next turn, in the journey called life”
And, it all started with two souls who belonged to two different corners of the world. An Indian boy named Sarthak and his Mexican love, and how their paths were destined to cross. It’s a journey of discovering love in the exotic setting of the Middle East, i.e. Egypt. The story is filled with adventures of exploring this distant land, where ethnic, cultural and national boundaries constantly become porous and fuse with love. But what happens when this Summer ends? Summers don’t last forever, do they? Or are they meant to be? Is distance really just a number when you are in love? Is love about one’s journey, or is it your destination? What happens when all these questions come to life?

Himansh is the author behind @The Summer. He is an Architect by profession and a passionate artist by heart who loves to travel and explore new places. He is an enthusiastic and fun-loving Delhi boy and this book is partly inspired by one of his visits to Egypt, it also happens to be his first attempt towards writing and emerging as a budding writer.

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