Thursday, 28 February 2019

“Young Notes Volume I” By Pratyush Ranjan Bhayan

Cigarette Theory
Odd name I know, probably because I came up with it. But this is something I came up with while I was trying to get some sleep with a headache. Well you see, we in our lives evolve into new beings, new ideas and with a new way of life. Just different versions of ourselves. And that is not something that is bad, but something that just happens. And along the way of this change, we come across a lot of different situations, some that challenge us, and some that celebrate us, it’s a way of life, and a fact. And there is no denying that life gets harder and harder still. At some point, it even becomes so hard and immovable that it becomes absurd, and all we feel is whatever do is not working. No matter how hard we toil it doesn’t seem to work. This, instead of giving up, is life telling us to work harder for it, just like the saying, “When the going gets tough, the tough gets going”. I know all that is normal talk, age-old motivational talk. But it’s true nonetheless, and for all these things compiled, I came up with the cigarette theory.

Well here is how it goes, you start your life, and all is easy, you are home, people tend to your every need. It’s a bed of roses, and it is smooth sailing, and that is when you have taken up the cigarette and lit it, it’s all fun and games. And then life begins, the cigarette slowly burns, and the flame comes closer to your face with every puff you smoke. The smoke rises from the burnt end slowly disappearing into the air and the burnt ash slowly falling to the ground with little or no remains whatever. This part is extensive, you working hard and even harder gives rise to that smoke, and the ashes that fall down towards the earth, that’s the past, it disappears, because it really has no meaning looking back and regretting a decision, because you already took a decision and came past it. No use regretting. And the flame comes even closer, slowly giving you the warm feeling on your lips, that is life getting harder, the more you rise up, the more you burn, the more fierce the competition, the more life roughs you up. Well, I am not saying that smoking is good or that anyone should smoke or that even I am a smoker or the way around. It’s all metaphorical. But think about it. The more you rise the more you burn, the more you work hard, the more smoke you give off, and the more you advance, you have that much past, and like ash, it holds little or no meaning. It’s one to grow on. Cheers!

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“Basic Concept of English- For All Competitive Exams” By Ramjee Kumar

I have great pleasure in placing this book before the aspirants of top competitive exams. It directly and fully covers English Grammar. An effort has been made to make contents of the book relevant, authentic and up to date. It will help in one’s preparation. I welcome all constructive comments and suggestions from the readers of this book.

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“Madhulok” By Alok Kumar

A story of a simple middle class bihari boy Alok, who penned down his story, narrating what's there for a lover to think beyond living together.

He describes what takes real courage when your beloved elopes with another guy, right before the night of marriage. A passionate infatuation thrashes them to an uncertain future where the interlaced difficulties washes away the color of love. How the heroic romance ends being a pitiful tearjerker. The story is about how an immature attraction, flirtation, fascination, passion, opens to tension, defamation, misery, disruption, and a path where you are still running away from your past.

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Tuesday, 26 February 2019

“Love Beyond The Sparkles” By Swapna Marathe

Love at first sight is one side of the coin of love. It can take one flash for someone to fall in love but for some, it takes its own time. The heart gives way to mind to decide the space it needs. This is how Sumit’s heart decided to fall in love with Swetha. No matter how peaceful and comfortable you get with the ones who love you, your heart always beats for the ones you love, and not for those who love you. No matter how much you struggle to acquire someone’s love, it is destiny that decides what you get. You will have to lose yourself to destiny and accept the fact that if two people are destined to meet, they will meet.

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Friday, 22 February 2019

"मेरा शतक" By Kumar Rishi

Every human being in this world is looking for two things- first one is Worldly happiness and second one is Spiritual happiness. I believe that a human should strive for worldly happiness first because without getting worldly happiness you can not become spiritually happy. It is like if a person is hungry and you do not give him food rather preaches him to meditate. It is practically not feasible.

You can not get both Worldly & Spiritual happiness without knowing God residing within you and you can’t know God until you start listening to your mind and you can not listen to your mind until you are fully awaken and you can not be fully awaken until someone make you awake or you awake by your own and you will be considered as fully awaken when there is no confusion in your mind & you become crystal clear in your thoughts.

Life is is all about knowing yourself, believing in yourself, listening to your mind and building yourself. Aim of my poems is to make you realise your true self, awake you and remove confusion from your life. We have all the knowledge inside us but due to outside influence, our natural knowledge is covered by outside ignorance.

These poems will make you realise the power of mind, power of truth, your identity and God residing within you. There is nothing which a human can not achieve and it is being proved daily in front of all of us. You should do only those things which you can do best and those things only can give you happiness. The only secret to know what you can do best is to ask your mind and you will get the right answer.

Remember one thing, you never get tired of doing things which you really want to do in your life and this magic can be felt by each one of us. Some people called it passion and when passion becomes your career, you get the purpose of your life. “ Mera Shatak” will definitely will get this purpose.

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Wednesday, 13 February 2019

“Blaming My Hormones” By Nida Malik

When everything goes right .. you may be going wrong.

This is what happens with Anisha, Maira, Riya, and Radha. Believing that their temporary reliefs will last forever, and that they had conquered their health issues of hormonal imbalance, they fall into a spiral of challenges.

Their lives are more taxing than others. They had to face failure in relationships, lack of emotional support from family, along with the mental stress that affects their career, love life, and way of life.

They reach a point in life where they stop trying and start blaming their hormones, without realizing the amount of toxicity they are involving themselves in.

Sometimes, it is really easy to blame everything else, instead of accepting the facts that are actually responsible.

The book tries to convey the message that problems and challenges are a part of living. We cannot escape reality, and it is necessary to face it with a positive attitude. Mistakes and failures are a part of trying, and not the end result.

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“The Petals Of Reminiscence” By Pankhuri Aggarwal

Stumble upon the prism of lovers by losing yourself in this poetic voyage, which takes you through all the shades of life from encapsulating love, companionship, bliss, triumph to anxiety, distress, heartache, death, loss, rejection and redemption. The words flocked in will arouse your senses by embracing about the little things that make life magical. It’s a contemporary antidote offering candid explorations over the scuffling questions of finding the true purpose of living. What is life without love? What does it mean to be lonesome? Why do we seek connections? Explore love amid all its precision, with crunches of gloominess, making it sugary and peppery on and off. So, pour yourself some coffee and curl up with this book and let yourself feel something striking and exquisite.

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Tuesday, 12 February 2019


The book exposes the reader to an intensive show of electrifying inveigh and to the power of literature. Based in the medieval era, it presents a bold and naked portrayal of words and expressions, through a dramatic theatre of narrative poetry. The book allows you to venture into a deeper and broader spectrum of literature, and manipulation of its Art. A work of fiction, it is not confined to the boundaries of existence which drowns you in an imaginary world knitted by the author, falling into her web of words. It narrates a poetic tale of an empire; from its rule over the skies to its downfall to ashes. It highlights the love and hatred of a woman, courage of a lover, and strength and cunningness of a king. It also unveils the truth behind the two universal brothers - life and death. The story revolves around a prince’s courageous riposte to his father -- the King, and the cunning

conspiracy framed by the King in return. It also puts light on the ancestral roots of modern day problems and comprehensively mentions the shackles of pride and greed that bind and compel us to commit sins. It is a leaf with venations of mythological tales that aspires to touch the souls of the readers.

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Tuesday, 5 February 2019

“राग में रंग में” - अमित कुमार श्रीवास्तव

मुझे लेखन से आत्मिक संतुष्टि मिलती है | अपने अंदर ऊर्जा का संचार होता महसूस होता है | “राग में रंग में” मेरे भावों और अनुभवों का मनोवैज्ञानिक दार्शनिक है तथा इस पुस्तक के द्वारा मैंने रूहानी विश्लेषण प्रस्तुत करने की कोशिश की है | कई कविताओं में व्यक्ति को आगे बढ़ने के लिए प्रेरणा का संदेश है, जैसे -

“बड़ी बात हम क्या करें किसी से

वक्त का राज है वक्त ही बतला देगा

तुम क्यों बैठे हो मुकद्दर को लेकर अपने

बस खड़े हो जाओगे तुम को भी चला देगा


हर व्यक्ति को अपने रस्ते खुद बनाने होते हैं

औरों के पीछे चलने में बस तहखाने होते हैं

रूहानी पक्ष है

तुम्हारी सांस का ये मीठा पन है

ये चेहरा फूल सा खिल गया है

और दार्शनिक

मैं ही रावण हूं मैं ही राम हूं

मैं ही धर्म अर्थ और काम हूं

इस किताब को पढ़ने से यदि एक व्यक्ति को भी अंधेरे में एक रोशनी की किरण दिख जाती है तो मेरा लिखना सफल हो जाएगा

रात रात रह गई

शुरुआत रह गई

नहीं चले क्यों दो कदम

क्या बात रह गई”

अमित कुमार श्रीवास्तव

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Monday, 4 February 2019

“Parenting Make-Over” by Swatee Sadana

This guide portrays the beautiful journey of being a child, who does not know anything, to becoming an adult, who learns the “ifs, buts, ands, shoulds, and nots” of being a human, and finally becoming a parent.
Generation to generation, we blindly follow a sense of unsaid pressure on our shoulders which drowns us in such a way that even if we stand tall today, we stand divided with our own selves.

The world who waits for our resume is the only world who knows nothing of themselves and wants to pay us for the same.

Find out the mystery of how the whole process starts, and how it can be given a little makeover. Grab a copy and find a secluded place with a cup of coffee/tea/anything that makes sense to you, and just drink the melody of the emotions of the author, who has tried to express her words about the things she felt around her life till date.

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Sunday, 3 February 2019

"चंदा" By Ashok Kumar Sharma

उपन्यास को कहानी का एक विस्तृत रूप जाना जाता है। अधिकांशतः, उपन्यास एक गद्यबद्ध कथानक होता है, जिसमें रचनाकार किसी एक ज्वलंत विषय को रुचिकर ढंग से प्रस्तुत करने का प्रयास करता है। यह लेखक की काल्पनिक क्षमता पर निर्भर करता है कि वो कहानी को किस सीमा तक विस्तृत करने में सफल हो पाता है। मन की प्रमुख विशेषता यह है कि वह छलांग लगाने में अत्यंत कुशल होता है। मन की इसी कुशलता के कारण, रचनाकार अपनी कल्पना को विभिन्न घटनाओं में परिलक्षित करता है और फिर उसे एक हृदयस्पर्शी कहानी का रूप देता है। ‘चन्दा’ – उपन्यास भी लेखक की एक ऐसी काल्पनिक उड़ान है जिसमें मानवीय वासनाओं के विभिन्न पहलुओं की छाप दिखाई देती है। उपन्यास के दो प्रमुख पात्रों के प्रेम-प्रसंग के चित्रांगण के अतिरिक्त, अन्य चरित्रों को भी बहुत सार्थक ढंग से प्रस्तुत किया गया है। समकालीन समाज में व्याप्त आर्थिक विषमता, अशिक्षा, रूढ़िवादिता, स्त्रियों का घर की चारदीवारी में रहकर जीवन जीना आदि विषयों से संबन्धित काल्पनिक घटनाओं का चित्रण भी इस उपन्यास की एक विशेषता है। इस उपन्यास की रचना करते समय इसकी लयबद्धता पर विशेष ध्यान रखा गया है, जिसके फलस्वरूप पाठक इस कल्पित आख्यायिका के साथ अंत तक बंधा रह सकेगा।

(डॉ. अशोक कुमार शर्मा)