Tuesday, 14 May 2019

"A Simple Approach To Yoga" By Shakuntala S

India, the land that has been revered since eons as the civilization that understood the nature of life, the dance of creation and the wonders of existence, has given to mankind the wonderful tool – YOGA, which was meant to help us explore the infinite wonders of the mind, the brilliance of our body and through them, to reconnect with ourselves. Created with the intent of passing on as much wisdom from the tradition of Yoga as possible in a manner that is effective in today’s times of 45 hour work weeks and tasks both at home and outside that runway through the day into late nights, a Simple approach to Yoga lives to its name. The benefits each Asana gives to our body-mind complex with the pictorial representation, the distinctiveness of the Kriyas, the Pranayama, the Bandhas and their impact on well-being, the Yogic remedies for most frequently occurring life-style illnesses and Yogabhyas prepared as an easy guide to help the readers develop a culture of Yoga in our daily lives, this book aims at becoming your pocket guru by transmitting YOGIC wisdom with a simple approach.
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