Monday, 27 May 2019

"Kavita Ke Jharnon Par" By Rajesh Ramnagina

‘Kavita ke jharnon par’ in the season of love has spring, deep eyes, silky hair, kisses, and blossom. In the first light of the morning, you will find sleepy eyes, Roaring River, scented air, bees chatting with nature at Indus River and flowers. You will find trembling lips of the mad girl, eyes full of thirst for a sweet smell, perplexed eyes searching the path in dark night and pain of cruel dreams. The beauty of the poem is the adornment of the young girl where it is related to the desire of the son, the relation of a girl with the mother-in-law. The groundwater in nectar pots, thirst is the charlatanry of the world. There is the pain of beauty and there are blows of time over the pain of divorce. There are dried out the tree in my land, halted chariot in dark nights, resistance and god lover. Whatever has been left out, it will be present in the next book.

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