Thursday, 23 May 2019

"The Allegory Of Endearment" By Zeeshan Haider

Towards enlightenment rests the reflection of one’s soul”. The virtuous life dictates the ability to churn the difficulties and helps in the catharsis of guilt and ignorance. The attributes of life are regarded as the basic necessities for a soul and it’s an enrichment for self-realization.
‘’ The Allegory Of Endearment” evolves the emotion and conviction of one’s soul towards another with respect to their relationship that they share. Fictional verse of imagination and the realm of the dream are the factors which fuel the creativity in one’s mind.
A soul without creativity is just an anonymous entity having less regard to the heavenly attributes of after-life. It’s a fire, a harmful one which lives in the lamp of one’s imagination, which is fueled by the courage and conviction owned by a soul of purpose.
This work is a pure inspiration taken from the ancient code of literacy which speaks about the degree of eloquence. The clause of life and the phase of death has been infused into a multidimensional aura of creativity. This work professes the importance of creativity and it impacts the life of a thinker, it’s an unconditional bargain with one’s feeling in order to put them into words.

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