Wednesday, 22 May 2019

“ChittaKundli” by Acharya Shrijit

Probably ChittaKundli is the most fine and condense form of predictive Vedic Astrology ever practiced. The system has slight difference from other predictive systems and has some unique concepts and astonishing philosophies which lead the readers or practitioners to the speculations for predictions. Many little known concepts differ ChittaKundli from other system among which one is the explanation of Mars. ChittaKundli shows the qualitative difference of Mars with other eight planets. Besides this the application of numerology in the system derives the multiple planet theory and made the system much easier to speculate replacing conjunctions and transforming the Natal Chart into Vibes Chart(AnusaranKundli). In the study process, taking Lagnaand Moon both in consideration, giving importance to Kalpurush and Vibes Chart, speculations become much more effective in case of predictions. Along with these evaluation of Dashasystem takes place according to various parameters like activation period, numerology, and multiple planet theory. The importance of Janmadashaand the effects of the special SoubhagyaDasha also have great importance in this system. We are glad to share all these very little discussed amazing concepts which are a little different from Conventional Applied Astrology with our readers around the globe and request to all to go through the book thoroughly and feel the essence and enrich us through their comments, thoughts, views and inquiries. We will be glad to interact and hear from you.

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