Wednesday, 8 May 2019

“Albert’s Little Friend-And The Talking Brain” By Rohni Sarah

An Exquisite Dream

I closed my eyes as tightly as possible and walked slowly.
My feet were bare and afraid to hit something. I took each and every step very carefully and after a split second, I reached my ecstasy.

As I stepped on to that world, I felt my feet so cold and soft, like someone was patting roses with dew drops. I was so sure about that place, so I slowly opened my eyes.

Wow! I love being in that astral world than my world. There were more new colors and dimensions, ornated with floating dreams around. People there greeted me with admiration in their eyes and affection in their heart, shook my hand and spread their palms to welcome me to their world. Shiny orange auras of bright light appeared from somewhere afar and it lit up a narrow road for me. I trusted everything there and walked towards that gathering.

They accepted me for who I am. They never judged me, never pointed out my insecurities and never made me feel less. There was no discrimination. All were equal living beings of the universe. Indeed, they had quite a lot of imperfections, but their souls seemed to be beautiful to me. I sat with them and laugh, drank wine, danced together for a long time and then jumped into a turquoise blue stream.

As I swam deeper and deeper, my eyes leisurely closed. An eternity passed and I opened my eyes. There, I realized that I have returned the ugly real world...!

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