Monday, 20 May 2019

“Tints And Taints Of Life” By Mohammad Shamimuddin


Storytelling seems to be a genetically coded attribute of man – even before written words came into existence, even before man learned to write, to read, there had been people, those with fancy and fantasy, who would tell stories to people around them. This storytelling, through a long period of its evolution, has come to us today in various forms of FICTION – Romances, Fantasy, Horror stories, Cyberpunk Science Fiction, etc. And today, in our ‘cyberized’ age, an age of ‘robots’, FICTION seems to have come up as a powerful genre of Literature. All forms of fiction essentially have, as the truth in Fiction, some truth about life with the pictures of life around us, the same human life with varying colors from place to place around the world. People today love to read FICTION  not just for pleasure and pastime, but also to see and know the life around. A work of FICTION becomes a real ‘Dream’ for the creative writer once he is through with the creation of his work. He begins to dream now, to bring his eggs to the right market, not so much for commercial gains from his creative work, as for telling his story to the people around.
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