Thursday, 9 May 2019


Dr.Raghavendra.f.n.MBBS.MD Consultant physician and Associate professor of medicine in govt medical college Ballari, Karnataka is a leading practitioner, Diabetologist and teacher for his students. 
He has grown up in a middle-class family with parents being Government school retired teachers and had an inclination towards reading, writing, essay competition, speech, Art and music since his childhood.
Inspiration to write this his first published book as an  Independent Author for RAAGHUISAM is his experiences in life, with friends, people, and life. Also, he is a voracious reader of books written by various legends like Kuvempu, shivaram karant, bhairappa, karnad, purabdara, kanaka dasaru, basavsnna, sarvagna and Hindi writers like moolachanda, gulzar, harivansharay bacchan and so on. 

His mother inspired him to write and his friends encouraged him to make it possible. He especially thanks BLUEROSE  Chief Mr. Syed for bringing his dream come true. Also thank Ms. Ria consultant,  Ms. Saakshi, Vandana, Biplov, and Shweta.  He thanks Dr.Prasannakumar director, medgenome laboratory authors close friend, Ms. Vasudha editor of the book, Mr. Laxmikant total Kannada Bangalore,  all his MBBS friends, and others namely Dr.Thanmaya, Dr. Thungabhadra, Dr.Veena, Dr. Soumya, Dr. Venkat,  Dr. Sridhar, Dr. Aravind, Dr. Ananda, Dr.K.P, Dr. Suresh who has written a beautiful review on Amazon and all readers who directly or indirectly encouraged him in his writing passion and made his dream come true.  His next books are about to publish on short stories and life of a saint Saibaba. 

Wish him good luck. Encourage him to be a great author of the bestseller.

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