Tuesday, 7 May 2019

“Lekhan- Ek Prayas” By Harish Chandra Kandpal

After the demise of my wife, Chandrakala, who was the source of inspiration for everyone, with her hardships and difficulties, constantly striving for success in family goals, leaving a special mark of reverence, I looked forward to a single and monotonous life, lost in thoughts. Collecting those same thoughts in different perspectives, started writing work as poems.
In the service period of the Department of Telecommunications, “Hindi Pakkhwada” is organized every year in the month of September. Various competitions are organized for the purpose of encouraging the Hindi language. I also participated in it and presented it to my companions by composing a new poet. They used to inspire my writing and write more. Among them are mainly Shri Bhuvan Chandra Joshi ji, Shambhudat Papnai ji, Lalit Mohan Tiwari, Rajesh Murari ji, Prem Chandra Kandpal ji, Smt Pushpa Pagthi ji, Girish Chandra Dalakoti ji, Dr. K P Kuniyal ji, Ganga Singh Bisht ji.
With the inspiration of B.C. Shukla ji, Man Mohan Singh Siradi ji, and other friends and well-wishers, I started collecting my thoughts in my personal diaries.
After reading my poems, my children also continued the work of constructing the tomb and wiped my heart in the service of Hindi literature. In November 2018, my wife Suman Kandpal, daughter – Mamta and Beena, sons – Subodh and Pankaj, daughter-in-law – Anita and Megha, Sons-in-law – Bhuvan and Naveen awakened to publish the book.
For this, my younger son Pankaj Kandpal, who is a software engineer in Gurgaon, Haryana, after contacting the publisher started the journey of my poetry. I heartily congratulate and thank my children and friends, who have given me the opportunity to serve the Hindi nation language.
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