Thursday, 30 May 2019

"Something's Are Just Meant To Happen""By R.Srinath

This tale is about the two divergent poles with different opinions, choices, and ways of life. The story revolves around Arjun, one of the top entrepreneurs of the country, with a dreadful past that shook his foundation of love and relationship. And his destiny entwines with the carefree, sweet, and smart Mishti. The remaining plot wraps around what happens between these two. Can Mishti make Arjun believe in love once again or Arjun will make her hate him more than ever? The whole story is filled with humor and sarcastic take on the romantic tale.
Srinath is an Aeronautical engineer from Tamilnadu. As one would call, he is a proud defense brat and traveled across different states of India, wherever his dad’s posting took him. He is an ardent reader. He has attended writing workshops during his college days. He is fluent in English, Hindi, and Tamil. He is very passionate about the Aircraft and Indian Armed Forces and loves to read and write articles on them. He likes hardcore detective novels of Dan Brown, Sidney Sheldon, David Baldacci and loves their Indian counterparts like Amish, Ashwin Sanghi and also romantic fiction works of Sudeep Nagarkar, Ravinder Singh, and Durjoy Dutta.
Some Thing’s Are Just Meant To Happen is his debut Romantic fiction and his first attempt at writing. During his college days and while working in Bangalore, he came across many people with different characters who had different views and different perspectives of the same life. One day, after returning from a hectic busy schedule of corporate routine, he started writing. One thing led to another, and here is the beginning.
This book is not only about romance but also about friendship and bonding. The characters are not just a part of the imagination but real inspirations one can easily relate to in everyday life. The humor and sarcasm make this work more interesting.
It is a roller-coaster ride filled with fun and humor taken from everybody’s life.
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