Thursday, 9 May 2019

"Savoury Of Poems" By Leena Margaret

My collection of poetries in my book “savoury of poems”  is one of my prized collection of poetries. As I meandered in the world of writing which started as a childhood hobby there reached a stage in my life when I discovered that I had the skill for writing poetries. As the imaginations drifted in my mind laying fresh templates on which is built shall I call these’ epistles’ of love that are no doubt from the innards of my heart and mind but also from the deepest quests of life that my soul had nurtured for a long time. Some of the poetries in the book titled “Salt”, ”Worldliness”, ”Hug” are the result of the long-entrenched quest.
Talking about the nature aspect of my poetry writing I would certainly not classify myself as a nature poet or give myself any other such classification but nature has indeed been a passive inspiration in poetries like “ mother nature” in my collection of poems’ reflections’ or an “Ethereal flower” in the collection of poems “Semblances” which evokes the gentleness in us  providing new insights as to how we view nature itself.
Empowered by such a fusion and clash of thoughts, imaginations birthed the three collection of poetries namely “reflections”,” semblances” and “ruminations” that form my book “savoury of poems”. I hope my poems will straighten a heart that is in doldrums as well as rejoice an aching heart and also be the beam of inspiration for other burning hearts to burn brighter.
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