Monday, 13 May 2019

“Reach Out To Minds” By Swathi V Bhat

I always believe to tell about ourselves is the greatest platform as it involves the time to think about our own selves when most of the time we spend in thinking about others. What have I done? What better can be done? What I should not have done? What more can I say? is something that comes in the path and nourishes us to think and do more beautiful and effective things in life.
I am an IT professional working in a company at Bengaluru, Karnataka. I am basically from Udupi where my parents live. Its been almost 2 years coming to Bengaluru which I believe is the city of wide opportunities and exposures. Many experiences I encountered here meeting many people helped me to find out myself.
I started writing at the age of 12 when my teacher told us a story which inspired me to preserve that story in any form which came in the form as my writing. Later, this first step gave me the motivation to write my own children stories. Later I started writing the articles for other blogs regarding the day to day activities occurring around. The comments I received, boosted me up for writing more and more. I did a writing internship in an organization. I joined a writing community where I received thunderous of feedbacks and comments worldwide. I got an exposure towards the other writer’s writing skills which gave visibility to the great horizon. I have my own website, Facebook and Instagram pages to promote my works. The creativity to tell something in few lines pulled me towards writing poems. This went on adding up with different ideas. I would also love to write the poems in Kannada which I have written few.
My other hobbies include painting, sketching, singing, traveling and also love photos.
‘Reach out to Minds’ is my first book to be published. It allows the reader and writer for the beautiful existence of being one with themselves by the thought-provoking ideas in it.
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