Monday, 6 May 2019

“Friends Platter” By Vidhi Asrani

Do you ever recall the moment when hours just pass away in minutes! Every minute so exciting and so thrilling that you forget all your troubles. You felt alive within and let go your worries and fears fearlessly. Think of people around you with whom you cherished your best moments. The first thing that comes to your mind is your closest friend. A friend that goes beyond limits to bring you out from the miseries. A friend whom you can lean on in difficult time. A friend who cares for you so much and you do the same. If you truly have such friends then friendship is certainly bliss for you. But if you happen to have a friend that wears a mask of a right friend and trapped with negativity or a friend who has the power to make you sad can take away your real happiness and could hurt you way beyond.
Precisely, Every friend does leave an impact on our lives and the fact is life without friends is colorless and lifeless. Enjoy reading ‘Friends Platter’ which serves such stories of friendship that are full of excitement, mystery, betrayal, hatred, love, and care.
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