Wednesday, 8 May 2019

“An Introduction To Corruption” By Aman Kumar

The story of An Introduction to Corruption is about a teenager named Adarsh. A boy of values and ethics, who cares for others and work according to his father’s teaching which contains all the elements of an ideal man.
He wants to offer good to the society and wants people to change for good which he has been taught by his father who himself is a man of values and words and has given his son all the elements which he knew to be an ideal man which Adarsh portrays perfectly and thinks that world too do the same  but this myth is broken when he goes to apply for the driving license and there he comes across the dark side of the world where values are made every day but with money which makes Adarsh heartbroken and helpless but not for long as his father comes to his rescue and he Introduces his son to Corruption but in a unique way.
The story contains the facts about our society which teaches us to be good but fails when it comes to them, Which gives rise to a question- “Are we living in an Ideal society”? Which should be answered after reading the story

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