Thursday, 30 May 2019

"The Silent Smiles" By Mayur Chavda

Love is undoubtedly a dangerous journey. The purest form of love doesn’t see race, color, age or caste nowadays not even gender…! To go through the journey is difficult. The struggle for staying together requires a lot of sacrifices. We have to compromise the dearest things or people we own. Leaving can be an option, but just an option for the losers, or might be they were in less love. Which age does love happen? They say at a mature age. But I say love’s purest form is childish, less of selfishness. Love is all about doing something which is not your league but still, you don’t hesitate to do it for someone.
The Silent Smiles, a story of the purest form of love. The first love of Raj and Rajvi, who met by destiny. God brings them together by his own grace. Raj changed his whole personality for Rajvi. And Both fought against the world. Love is all about their fire to live together. There are two types of people. First, who believe in “ I Love You, But…..” And the Second who believe in “But, I love you…” The order of ‘but’ makes a lot of difference in the statement. And that defines their stability though. Raj belongs to a low caste poor family and Rajvi belong to a High caste rich family. The story of their meet is fantastic. The story of their being together is magically romantic too. The part to be known is their staying. Will they stay together? Will they leave? Is there Love so strong that they overcome the hindrance of societal pressure. Both of them are teenagers who are first alleged to their age. They are considered so small for being in love. Will they be able to explain the world about their feelings? The book opens out all these questions. The Silent Smiles is a Beautiful story of the purest form of love, which raj found in those silent smiles of Rajvi.
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